Can CBD replace antidepressants?

One of the most discussed effects of CBD is the potential impact this cannabinoid can have on your mental state.
With an increasing number of people using CBD from industrial hemp to improve their mood and general well-being.
In addition to an overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence, scientists have now released a report supporting the potential impact of CBD oil on depression. Saying that it can even replace commonly used antidepressants:

CBD oil and depression according to science
CBD oil is known to have a positive effect on the mental state of millions of consumers worldwide. Helping people deal with all kinds of issues, ranging from the occasional mood swing to outright depression. Although for a long time, we only had anecdotal evidence to support these theories. Fortunately, scientists from the University of São Paulo have provided scientific evidence to support these claims.

In the journal Molecular Neurobiology, a research team from Brazil published their findings. Showing that cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp successfully acts as an antidepressant in mice. In addition, the researchers report that the effects of cannabinoids lasted for a relatively long time. According to the scientists, this suggests that CBD oil may become a major asset in the treatment of depression in the near future.

More energy and less depression
After all, common antidepressants are known to be highly addictive, not always as effective and potentially harmful to the body. Considering the fact that cannabidiol is neither addictive nor harmful, but it seems to be effective. It shows a great potential for the cannabinoid plant in this area.

This was proven again by a scientific report published by Leaf Science. This revolves around a study that used mice that are genetically engineered to have certain symptoms of depression. Including lethargy (extremely sleepy) and immobility. Although after receiving a dose of CBD, the mice clearly showed increased activity. In addition, the researchers noted that mice that received CBD were less sensitive to factors that could revive depressive feelings and behavior.

CBD is a fast-acting antidepressant
Most importantly, however, is the fact that CBD seems to be very fast acting when it comes to curved depression. As the effects described above apparently started within an hour after administration of the cannabinoid to the mice. Later, these effects slowly diminished, all the researchers report.

According to scientists, this could well be the main reason for making CBD a more effective antidepressant compared to the drugs currently available. As many conventional drugs to treat depression take at least one or four weeks – sometimes up to eight weeks – to show results. And as mentioned above, CBD does not offer unwanted side effects that you may experience from common antidepressants. Including fatigue, insomnia and sexual dysfunction.

Using CBD oil to fight depression
As always, the information on this blog is intended for educational purposes and does not constitute medical advice. So if you are struggling with depression with antidepressants, always discuss with your doctor the possible use of CBD oil. Especially because some antidepressants may have contraindications with cannabidiol. Learn more about this phenomenon in the section “CBD oil can interact with a drug: this is what you need to know“.

With that being said, it can be helpful to try CBD oil when you feel unwell. As now not only anecdotal advice, but also scientists, show the ability of cannabidiol to elevate your mood. Some of DNH’s most used products against depression-like symptoms are CBDactive+ and our new CBD Back2Life oil; infused with special mood-enhancing terpenes for maximum effect.


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