Can you build a tolerance to CBD oil?

Hemp oil is a popular and natural product that is widely used in efforts to soothe a variety of physical and mental ailments. However, its main ingredient Cannabidiol (CBD) may raise some questions for those using it for the first time. One of the concerns we hear most often is that consumers could potentially build up a tolerance to CBD oil. But if you look at the research, the opposite may be true:

Tolerance to substances
Tolerance is when your body gets used to a particular substance because of long-term and regular use. And while there are obviously some exceptions, most people build up some kind of tolerance with substance use. This is something you need to be aware of, especially when using heavy medications, such as certain painkillers. Considering that the risk of tolerance with these drugs is high and can even lead to addiction – with all its consequences.

Cannabidiol (CBD), like many drugs, is widely used in attempts to soothe and treat various conditions. From physical pain to mental discomfort and improving the overall well-being of millions of people worldwide. But with the growing popularity of cannabinoids derived from industrial hemp as a natural medicine, there is also a growing interest in these substances by “newcomers”. People who have often tried to treat their conditions with regular medication and failed – or perhaps were not satisfied with the side effects and/or the ability to develop tolerance. Logically, some of these patients share the same concerns about CBD oil, making them wary of trying it. But is it justified?

CBD tolerance research
Because while research on CBD is relatively scarce, there is some scientific data on the safety of Cannabidiol in this area. As a Brazilian study from 2011 showed, “During a study with CBD in humans, the use of the substance had no side effects. Not with acute and not with chronic doses and the tolerance for CBD did not increase. Showing that with both acute and chronic use of Cannabidiol, there was no evidence of increased tolerance for it.

Reverse tolerance to CBD
In fact, if we look a little further, the opposite may be true. Researchers from a 2017 study that looked at 132 different CBD research studies concluded that “psychological and psychomotor functions were not negatively affected.” While the same is true for the functioning of the digestive system, according to the authors of the study. “Chronic use and high doses of up to 1500mg per day have been repeatedly shown to be well tolerated by humans,” they continue.

Surprisingly, however, these researchers also found the existing possibility of creating an inverted tolerance to CBD. This means that instead of needing more of the substance for the same results, you become more sensitive to it. Something that has proven impossible with the use of another cannabinoid: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Which binds directly to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

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Thus, this is also a reason for scientists to believe that Cannabidiol cannot cause tolerance in the body. In addition, CBD does not bind to these receptors in the same way that THC does. In fact, unlike THC – which binds directly to EC receptors – CBD is known to stimulate the activity of these receptors in order to improve the way our body processes its signalling substances. In this way, the use of CBD oil could lead to increased sensitivity to these neurotransmitters. with “reverse tolerance” for the component as a result. This means that after a while, you may need less for the same effects as before.

Reduction of increased tolerance
Obviously, this does not necessarily mean that this applies in your case. Because even though we didn’t find it in any research paper, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to create tolerance for cannabidiol in hemp oil. In addition, each individual reacts differently to cannabinoids from biomimetic cannabis because of our unique biochemical makeup. Making room for this type of personal and unique experience with the plant essence.

So when you think you’ve built up a tolerance to CBD oil, we recommend you take a short break. It is often enough to avoid using cannabis oil for 48 hours to a week to “reset” the body. This is also our recommendation when you think CBD doesn’t work or doesn’t help you at all.


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