CBD and sports: for fitness and recovery

The worlds of sports and CBD are slowly merging as more athletes discover the benefits of Cannabidiol. And one thing all athletes have in common is that they want to recover from their training as soon as possible. Now it seems that cannabis supplements, such as CBD oil, could help a lot in terms of recovery and performance. So, get ready if you’re involved in fitness, CrossFit or any other high-performance sport to discover 5 ways in which cannabis helps fitness and recovery:

CBD and sports
If you thought CBD was only for patients, prepare to be surprised! Because in addition to providing relief to patients facing all kinds of serious illnesses, cannabinoid supplements like hemp oil are also suitable for a group of extremely healthy people: athletes!
But how do sports and CBD oils fit together and what impact does it have on fitness and recovery time?
Let’s go deeper:

Reduce inflammation and swelling from sports with CBD
A very common thing among athletes is swelling of muscles, joints and tendons. Especially for people involved in heavy contact sports such as football, hockey and rugby, but also martial artists and high performance athletes may be familiar with this type of discomfort. Mostly, this has to do with inflammation of the tendons, due to overuse and overloading the body. It causes pain and limited movement in the joints.

This type of injury can take a long time to heal, even if you let it rest. Obviously this is very annoying if you want to continue training. Although fortunately, CBD seems to be winning the race! Firstly, the substance of the plant is known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, Cannabidiol(CBD) helps calm inflammatory tissue, reduces swelling and helps swollen joints, muscles and tendons recover faster, helping you to recover quickly.

In cases of swelling and inflammation, we have the best reviews from customers who try CBDactive+ on a daily basis. If needed, combine with a CBD patch around the affected area for topical relief.

Treat painful sports injuries and nerve damage
In sports there are two types of pain. The first is “good pain”, from which high performance athletes suffer almost constantly. After all, if you challenge your body and push it beyond its limits day after day – you will definitely feel pain. Not necessarily during training, but afterwards. As they often say in the gym: “no pain, no gain”. Considering the increase in muscle, you will always feel pains.

The other type of pain is not as good, and is often caused by wear and tear – or nerve damage in worse cases. Because let’s be honest, sometimes the mind wants to go harder than the body allows. And instead of choosing heavy, addictive medication like opiates or NSAIDs to combat this type of pain, why not try CBD?

Because research after research proves the painkilling properties of cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol – the main ingredient of CBD oil. Providing a safe and natural painkiller for use against muscle pain, nerve pain and other sports pain. In addition, the substance is known to effectively repair the nerve damage in the brain and on the body. Presenting yet another advantage of using CBD for quick recovery from sports injuries.

In addition to ingesting cannabinoids to treat sports injuries and nerve damage that limits your fitness, it can also be useful to treat the affected area locally. Perhaps with a topical product like CBD Body Gel or Cream, or the CBD Patches mentioned above.

CBD for fast recovery of broken bones
Another benefit that hemp oil can offer athletes and sports enthusiasts is the rapid recovery of broken bones and torn tendons. As shown in a study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, CBD – when used correctly – can speed up the repair of bone fractures and make them heal faster. In addition, the research showed that the healed parts were less likely to break again thanks to the cannabinoid treatment.

One of the reasons to explain this phenomenon is that Cannabidiol inhibits the protein O receptor 55. Because overstimulation of this receptor can cause weaker bones and even accelerate the development of osteoporosis. Although CBD is known to prevent this from happening and can increase bone density.

More and better rest with hemp oil
As you may know from one of our previous articles, organic cannabinoids can also help improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. Considering sleep and rest is extremely important for muscle recovery and energy restoration. It is very important for athletes to get enough sleep. While you sleep, the body’s cells are recycled and a wide variety of hormones are released for muscle repair and growth. Logically, lack of good sleep will interrupt these processes and prevent the body’s natural recovery.

Obviously, CBD oil cannot help regulate any external factors that prevent you from sleeping or waking up at night. Although it appears to be effective in treating most internal factors that cause insomnia. Are you curious to learn more about cannabis supplements for better sleep and want to find out which supplements can help you sleep better?

Learn more:CBD oil for sleep: Which product to choose for a better sleep?

CBD increases athletic performance
Logically, better rest and faster recovery will help you perform better in training and during matches. As you have more energy and therefore you have the ability to focus better. Although the organic substance also affects your focus and performance in another way: by improving brain function. In fact, it helps to repair damaged brain cells and ensures that the processes that your brain regulates are balanced.

Plus, the faster recovery with CBD means you’ll be able to train more often in the same amount of time as you normally would. Considering that you need less “downtime” to restore your body. In addition, shorter recovery times mean that you will be able to start training again sooner. And in general, more training means better performance!

Source: dutchnaturalhealing.com

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