CBD oil for pets: why and how to give CBD

Did you know that pets can benefit from CBD oil, just like humans? CBD oil for pets is a great way to improve your pet’s overall well-being and vitality. Although not all CBD is safe for animals. Below are what you need to know about hemp oil for pets.

CBD oil for pets
Like humans, most animals that roam our earth have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This body signalling system regulates almost all physiological processes in the body. From pain and mood regulation, to hunger and temperature control. All these processes are balanced by receptors that react to endocannabinoids – elements that our bodies (and those of our pets) must naturally produce.

Although in some cases the body is not able to produce or process enough of these endocannabinoids on its own, resulting in all sorts of discomfort and illness. In this case, it may help to support your pet’s health with herbal cannabinoid supplements such as CBD hemp oil. Obviously, you should make sure that the product you give your pet is safe for use on your furry friend.

In general, cannabidiol(CBD) is safe for dogs, cats and horses, among other animals. Although it is recommended not to use CBD in animals that are pregnant or nursing. Nor can you give your pet any cannabinoid product, for that matter. But why can’t you give your pet the “human” CBD oil?

Safe CBD oil for dogs and cats
Firstly, some CBD oils may contain too much CBD for your small animal. This makes it extremely difficult to give your pet the right amount of CBD. Logically, a small dog or cat needs much less CBD than a human needs to achieve the desired results. In addition, giving pets “random” human CBD oil means that the product could contain higher amounts of THC. This is a psychoactive cannabinoid that we know from recreational cannabis, which can be very toxic to animals.

That’s why Dutch Natural Healing’s CBD oil for pets is produced only from the highest quality industrial hemp plants that we produce and process with pride. This guarantees that the CBD pet products we offer are 100% safe to use. But unlike regular CBD oil for humans, hemp oil for pets is not 100% organic. Because instead of hemp oil, our CBD for pets comes with salmon oil as a carrier. CBD with salmon oil is tastier for your pet. Obviously this makes the product easier to manage and an overall better experience for your pet.

In addition, it is important to note that cats cannot handle terpenes like we humans, or even dogs, can. In fact, terpenes are very toxic to cats. Obviously, we make sure that CBD oil for cats is completely terpene-free. However, CBD oil for dogs from Dutch Natural Healing contains some terpenes. As they can process them just as well as we can.

Benefits to hemp oil for pets
As previously mentioned, CBD oil can be extremely beneficial for pets. It will probably have a positive effect on your pet’s vitality and general well-being. Although we always advise pet owners to read the product instructions carefully. and in some cases, we recommend contacting your veterinarian before giving your pet CBD.

There are several potential benefits that CBD oil can provide to pets. As a pet owner, you obviously want your friend to feel the best possible. Hemp oil for pets can offer many health benefits, such as pain relief for pets suffering from chronic pain. But CBD oil can also help pets with bowel disease, reduce anxiety and possibly help treat seizures and epilepsy.

CBD for pets could also be useful for treating other health conditions. According to research, hemp oil with CBD can provide pets with improved mobility, helping your furry friend if they are struggling with hip and joint problems, for example. And in some cases, we’ve heard that CBD drops can even help fight cancer cells! But obviously we don’t want to give you (or your pet) false hope. So if you want to see if CBD can help your furry friend improve their quality of life, ask us for advice or give it a try!

Source: dutchnaturalhealing.com

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