How to alkalize your body with hemp

Are you exhausted, repeatedly or long-term sick and don’t know what to do about it? Here are some simple tips on how you can alkalise your body thanks to cannabis.

Acidity of the body is one of the causes of several diseases. Even Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg – the winner of the Nobel Prize for discovering the main causes of cancer – said: “Without acidity there is no disease, no cancer”.

Acidity and basicity
Acidity and alkalinity are measured at pH values from 0 to 14. The neutral pH value is 7 (pure water). If the value is greater than 7, it means that alkalinity is dominant. At pH values below 7, acidity prevails. The body should be slightly alkaline – this is a prerequisite for good health. To be able to function, blood ideally has a pH of 7.4 (in the range of 7.35 to 7.45).

What sharpens the body?
It is above all our wrong way of life that makes our bodies acidic and slowly destroys them. Either diet, stress, lack of exercise or the environment in which we operate. The worst acidic things are: sugar, alcohol, meat, artificial sweeteners, canned foods, preservatives, but also overwork, anger, jealousy and stress.

5 Tips for Alkalizing Your Body with Hemp

1. Hemp tea
– Drink a cup of hemp tea every morning and evening

Hemp tea directly affects the activity of the regenerative parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes the body and stimulates the mind. If you want to alkalize your body, it is necessary to eliminate tension, stress and anger. And in this case, especially hemp tea can be very useful.

2. Hemp seed oil
– consume once a day a tablespoon of hemp seed oil (alone or with salad/pastry)

Hemp seed oil contains all the essential substances necessary for the body: unsaturated omega 3-6-9 acids and chlorophyll. In essence, it is a neutral food with an anti-inflammatory effect.

3. Hemp protein
– consume one scoop of measurement or one tablespoon per day = 15 grams (in muesli, yoghurt, with juice, etc.)

Hemp protein is an alkaline food. It provides the body with high quality plant protein, chlorophyll and removes toxins from the body.

4. Hemp seeds
– ideal for making hemp milk, as a pan-fried snack or as an ingredient in baking.

Hemp seeds are slightly alkaline and can even break down lactic acid metabolites in the muscles after an intense exercise.

5. Healthy lifestyle
Drink plenty of water with lemon, breathe deeply, exercise, eat slowly and carefully. Smile!


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