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What is HHC-P (hexahydrocannabiphorol)

Following the explosive popularity of CBD and several THC variants, the cannabis industry sought other lesser-known cannabinoids to compete in the broad cannabis market. Among the most recent and promising cannabinoids is HHC-P.

HHC-P is also the most stable form of THC because it is resistant to oxidation, heat and UV radiation, so you don’t have to worry as much about decomposition and loss of potency. Here you will find everything you need to know about HHC-P.

What is HHC-P
HHC-P is a fairly new cannabinoid derived from industrial hemp. Specialist chemists then perform a technique in a laboratory to produce pure HHC-P and verify that the HHC-P distillate is produced safely. HHC-P is a hydrogenated form of THCP. HHC-P, like Delta 9 THC, THCO and Delta 10 THC, interacts with the CB1 receptors in your system like other psychoactive cannabinoids.

How was HHC-P discovered?
In recent months, HHC-P has attracted a lot of attention. In 1947, Roger Adams, an American chemist, successfully synthesised HHC from the cannabis plant using Delta 9 THC.

It was also able to place hydrogen molecules in Delta 9 THC through a process known as hydrogenation. Because HHC is so well known, scientists are working on a mechanism to easily hydrogenate other cannabinoids. Recently, the extremely potent cannabinoid THCP was hydrogenated to give HHC-P.

According to the study findings, THCP was 33 times more potent at CB1 receptors than Delta 9 THC. In the same way that THCP is analogous to THC, HHC-P is analogous to HHC.

Power of HHC-P
According to consumers of HHC-P, HHC-P is one to 33 times more powerful than Delta 9 and just as powerful as THCP. It should be noted that HHC-P is considered to be more bioavailable than THC Delta 9.

As a result, if you use the distillate with fat, HHC-P will be present in your body more than THC Delta 9. So, if an edibles-based endurance test were conducted, HHC-P would come out on top. Even after evaporation, HHC-P is considered to be more potent than THC Delta 9.

A study from 2010 examined the affinity of HHC analogues to bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the body. What the researchers found was that HHC had “extremely high in vitro and in vivo activity with a relatively long duration of action”.

To simplify the results, once HHC-P products are consumed, they impart strong effects on the subject and its effects are incredibly greater than typically expected for cannabinoids.

With this in mind, it can be said that HHC-P will have similar incredibly powerful and long-lasting effects once consumed.

Effects of HHC-P
Because HHC-P is a hydrogenated form of THCP, the sensation is essentially identical to that of THCP. Based on anecdotal feedback from several consumers, HHC-P appears to be a more potent, longer-lasting variant of THCP.

According to some users, it is 33 times more powerful than HHC. Users were also informed that there may be a delay in feeling some of the effects of HHC-P. Some of these effects include euphoria, increased hunger, relaxation and increased anxiety.

Among these effects are, among others, the following: The effects can last anywhere between 1 and 4 hours and the increase in thirst is followed by an increase in hunger.

What makes HHC-P different
HHC-P differs from cannabinoids such as HHC and deltoids such as Delta 9 THC and Delta 10 THC. Its side chain contains seven carbon atoms. This means that HHC-P is much more psychoactive than other psychoactive substances currently on the market.

It is not recommended to drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of HHC-P because it is considered to be more psychotropic than other substances. In many ways, HHC-P is similar to THCP; some of the symptoms are similar but more severe:

  • More powerful than THCP
  • More powerful than HHC
  • Leads to intoxication
  • It will make you drowsy
  • Causes anxiety
  • Can cause paranoia

The study estimates that the potency of HHC-P is greater than that of Delta 9 THC and THCP. According to consumers, HHC-P is 33 times more powerful than HHC. Because everyone’s endocannabinoid systems work differently, this cannabinoid may have a different effect on you than on others, so we recommend that you dose accordingly.

How to take HHC-P?
HHC-P can be obtained in several ways, the most common of which is evaporation. The vaping can be achieved while travelling or at home. You can use a vape cart, a disposable vape pen to vape. Dabbing is a process used in the home to achieve vaporization.

Pouring the spirit into a heated quartz bowl called a banger, which is connected to a water pipe called a dab rig, is how dabbing is done. The water in the glass platform spreads the smoke, making it simpler to inhale through the unheated end of the platform.

The other method of using the distillate is ingestion. The bioavailability of cannabinoids is not optimal. As a result, they are often combined with fat to improve their taste. The preparation of tincture with MCT oil is a different method of consumption.

Can the HHCP get you high?
Because HHCP is a hydrogenated form of THCP, it has the potential to get you “high”. When looking at the different types of THC at the molecular level, keep in mind that if the side chain has four or more carbons, the THC or cannabinoid may produce psychoactive effects or get you high.

The side chain of HHCP contains seven carbon atoms. As the psychoactive cannabinoid with seven carbon atoms, THCP, is one of the most potent psychotropic cannabinoids known. According to anecdotal evidence, HHCP is 100 to 200 percent more potent than THC Delta 9.


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