8000Kicks Hemp Backpack – Black

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💦 Waterproof (without PFC)
💪 Durable
🍁 100% Hemp
💻 Fits a 15-inch laptop
🧳 18L expandable up to 30L
🔋 Built-in USB plug
⚖️ Only 1.05kg | 2.31lb



8000Kicks Hemp Backpack – Black

The 8000Kicks Hemp Backpack is the world’s 1st waterproof hemp backpack. Minimalist, but versatile enough to travel during the weekend and beyond.

Waterproof and dust resistant
Our hemp fabric is engineered to repel liquids from entering. First we added a special coating layer that protects the fabric and its properties from stains, liquids and dust particles. This will make the fabric very easy to clean as well.

Hemp is also an extremely durable material, which will make your backpack last for years before it wears out.

*PFCs free

Expandable up to 30L
The 8000Kicks Hemp Backpack Black 18L carries your 15-inch computer during the week and this waterproof 30L backpack carries your gear during the weekend.

The backpack game, it doesn’t get more versatile than this.


Wide open space for storage
When designing our backpack, we decided to simplify and create a versatile wide open space to carry everything from your gym equipment, your daily essentials for work or even your weekend gear.





Anti-theft pocket
We all end up on comfortable subway rides, with unnecessary exposure in our backpack pockets.
The anti-theft pocket opens only from the back side, to make sure that no one has access to it except you.


USB powerconnector
No one wants to run out of battery during the day, so we have a side slot so you can plug your battery in on the inside and stay active with your device on the outside.

Battery not included.*



Care Guide
Although possible, we do not recommend machine washing as it can undermine waterproofing and damage the fabric’s ability to repel liquids and dust. Instead, hand wash them with warm water and soap.



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