‘BL’ ‘Deep Engraving’ Grinder 4-part


Material: Aluminium, hard anodized teeth
Color: Silver
Print: BL, engraved
Setting: 4 parts
Diameter: 53mm
Height: 24mm
System: Teeth with diamonds
Information: Available in a gift box

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‘BL’ ‘Deep Engraving’ Grinder 4-part

“In Weed We Trust” is the motto of “Black Leaf” – this grinder from “Black Leaf” with a lifetime guarantee has a nylon friction ring and magnetic lid and is made of high quality aluminium. The teeth are made of anodized aluminium for frictionless grinding.

To clean the ‘BL’ ‘Deep Engraving’ Grinder 4-part, use alcohol or a special grinder cleaner. The grinder should not be cleaned in the dishwasher, as the salts contained in the detergent lead to corrosion of the aluminium surface.


Black Leaf

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