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Blue Cheese Automatic is a cross between Bluebery Automatic and Cheese Automatic, which has been perfected over a period of five years of careful mating and breeding. The result is a feminized self-sensing species with a large crop, great taste and effects similar to those of its ancestors.



Blue Cheese Automatic is a versatile plant that grows outdoors and indoors and thrives in any temperature with good lighting. Because of its small size it is perfect for growing on the balcony, on the terrace and other places where it is not visible. It will form purple hues if the nights before harvest are cold, but this is rare due to its early harvest. It yields 325 to 375 grams per square meter indoors and 60 to 110 grams per plant outdoors. The flowers are heavy, concentrated and full of sticky resin.

Blue Cheese Automatic plants love the sun, so plant them between mid-May and early June if growing outdoors. Adding 30% coconut to the soil mix will improve root aeration, help root growth and contribute to the robust development of the plant. As with all self-seeding plants, it should be watered in small doses at regular intervals and should enjoy plenty of light. Blue Cheese Automatic is easy to grow without complications as it has no special requirements.

The plants flower for about seven to eight weeks and are usually ready for harvest in about ten weeks after germination, allowing the grower to harvest the fruit before the first night frosts begin. The short growing season makes them ideal for those growing in cooler environments as even a short summer is enough to enjoy the world famous Blue Cheese Automatic flowers. The plant at maturity is small, but don’t let the size fool you. Blue Cheese Automatic plants arrive at harvest time full of glossy flowers that are loaded with THC.

Although the plant’s specifications are one of the main reasons many choose it, there are others who will grow Blue Cheese Automatic for its gourmet taste and aroma. This variety offers the perfect blend of its two ‘parents’. Its flowers are very fragrant and intense enough to be smelled even if you are in a room other than the one where the plant is growing. You’ll notice a strong, sweet, fruity smell with a pleasant hint of skunk reminiscent of old-time plants. It tastes of berries and spices with a mild aftertaste of soft cheese. The plant is high in THC and low in CBD with a moist, rich, aromatic smoke that has no trace of dryness. Its high THC and resin content will make it extremely popular with pot lovers.

Those who use the Blue Cheese Automatic report a relaxing uplift along with a feeling of immense peace. This plant is often called intellectual or cosmic for its effects on creativity and perception. It is perfect to make you relax after a long day or to enjoy in a warm friendly environment. There is really nothing negative about this small and beautiful plant.

This award-winning plant is a grower’s delight with its rich ‘cheesy’ flavour and flexible growing (or growing) conditions. Its beautiful, sparkling flowers are consistently among the favourites of cannabis experts. Blue Cheese Automatic is a plant that will reward the grower and a perfect cannabis seed for marijuana lovers

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