Blueberry® Feminized (Dutch Passion)


9 – 10 weeks
Very High


Blueberry Feminized (Dutch Passion)
Legendary and exotic variety

One of the fruitiest strains on the planet

A powerful Indica with high THC content that can show beautiful colours in buds

Still a customer favorite since its release in the late 90’s
Original Blueberry multiple award winner
Blueberry has won many awards over the last two decades. These were the first two Hemp Cups, 2 years after its introduction:

– 1st Prize HighTimes Cannabis Cup 2000

– 3rd Prize High Times Cannabis Cup 2001

Blueberry Feminized is super fruity
Blueberry is a dominant Indica strain with one of the fruitiest flavor profiles you will ever have the pleasure of enjoying. The sweet aroma and delicious taste of fresh blackberries ensure that this is undoubtedly one of the best and most delicious cannabis experiences. It’s like eating candy, very addictive and joyful! No wonder this legendary strain has been used as the genetic basis for so many of today’s most popular modern cannabis varieties.

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Dutch Passion

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