Canna-X Preroll Stick THCP Grape Drank – 1.5gr

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The No1 Greek cannabis flower company Canna-X presents its new prerolled stick of the variety “Grape Drank”.



Canna-X® Prerolled stick is made from raw hemp flowers of the “Grape Drank” variety with 100% THCP content. The rolling paper is raw premium quality cigarette paper of French origin and made from unbleached 100% natural eco rice paper!

Canna-X are grown under the Greek and Italian sun and only by the masters of the species. From seed selection, to cultivation and then hand harvesting, the team closely monitors all stages to ensure quality, progress, temperature, colour and even shape of the cannabis flowers ensuring top quality for our customers.

The cannabis flowers are accompanied by certificates of quality and stable tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of less than 0.2% specifically harmonized with Greek/European legislation in each harvest.


Features Pre-rolled Canna-X:


  • Italian & Greek Top Quality
  • 100% Real THCP
  • Fresh Flowers (Trio of Flowers, not leftovers) from the 2021 harvest.
  • Premium variety “Grape Drank”
  • 100% Organic Farming
  • Gathered / crushed / hand-packed
  • No extra fragrances or boosters (e.g. Spray Spray)
  • Content 1.5 grams in a pre-rolled stick in high quality plastic airtight packaging to guarantee the preservation of the cannabis flower fresh.



The product should be stored in a cool, shady place and out of the reach of children.

Sale is only allowed to persons 18+

The product is sold as a collector’s item.



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