The smallest atomizer from Storz & Bickel has been a consistent best seller since its release and now it’s even better!

The familiar size remains the same, so the Crafty+ is still a portable atomizer. Much improved battery life and faster heating bring Crafty+ up to date with current standards. The hybrid heating technology will make the most of premium herbs and concentrates. Easy, reliable and durable, Crafty+ will go with you everywhere.

Crafty+ improvements
30% faster heating
Significantly improved battery life
New design for optimal feel
Improved hardware
Super-Boost: The triple-pressure power button takes you to the maximum temperature of 210°C
Improved electronics and optimised circuit board
2-year guarantee (additional 1 year guarantee upon registration)
Hybrid heating.
Crafty+ uses a heating combination that results in even and efficient heating of your herb. The hybrid heating system also produces a powerful airflow that makes it easy to inhale highly palatable vapours. And last but not least, the Crafty+ can heat up in 60 seconds.

Crafty+ redesign
Crafty+ looks improved. The basic look remains the same, but the casing has been improved making it uniquely lightweight and durable. This atomizer is ready to travel. Intuitive one-button control now gives you 3 preset temperature levels for quick and effortless operation.

New cooling unit
Offering the experience of an impressive atomizer. the Crafty+ is equipped with an intelligent cooling unit, which cools the steam to a pleasant temperature. The cooling unit is made of PEEK (Polyether ether ketone), a durable, heat-resistant plastic that has a proven track record in medical applications. No more coughing for you, just silky steam.

Smartphone remote control
You’ll get the most out of Crafty+ using the smartphone app.
The app provides you with the following options:

Turn it on with a button and it automatically heats up to the set temperature
Precise temperature control
Set your favourite temperatures
Site function
Save the serial numbers previously linked
Extension of the automatic stop time
Personalisation of alarm sounds


What’s in the box
1x Crafty Plus atomizer
1x USB cable
3x Base sealing ring (small)
3x Normal sieve (small)
3x Fat sieve (small)
2x Drip pad (small)
1x dosage capsule
1x Instructions for use
1x Safety instructions


Storz & Bickel

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