DynaVap – Armored Cap

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DynaVap – Armored Cap

This upgrade to your dry herb vaping experience contains a Cap – Captive Cap enclosed in a stainless steel shell, capable of fully extracting in 1-2 cycles and keeping your material at temperature for longer.

The original geometry of the lid has been preserved by machining grooves. This product is compatible with the branding of the lid (shape, logo, etc.) and has a grey matte finish on stainless steel that will skate through use. The extra mass in the lid will allow for slower, more thorough extractions whether you’re on the couch or on the go.

The DynaVap Armored Cap may have gotten bigger, but the branding is getting smaller. The machined parts and logo placement can be used as a visual reference to the heating of the device. The Armored Cap will fit any DynaVap stock when assembled into a device.


The compatibility of the induction heater varies due to the increased diameter of the cap (12mm). When used with an induction heater, multiple heating cycles may be required to achieve the same results as a flame heater. Works with The Wand (without adapter).
The armoured cap retains heat for an extended period of time and is therefore designed with a tighter fit at the end of the VapCap to reduce the chance of it falling off during use. As a result, the Armored Cap may scratch certain titanium and PVD nozzles and you should be careful when installing and removing the Armored Cap from your device. Scratches are normal and do not affect the performance of our terminals or pose a health risk.



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