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The DynaVap “M” series is the most popular battery-free herb vaporizer. With no electronic components and stainless steel construction, this portable atomizer gives you the freedom to use your device almost anywhere and anytime. Dynavap M Plus provides a range of experiences from microdosing to full extraction. Almost any heat source can be used, but for optimal flavor, we recommend a butane lighter or induction heater.

Designed for use with dry herb or concentrates (DynaCoil adapter sold separately), the Dynavap M Plus vaporizer is more powerful than smoking due to the thermal extraction of your material. You will increase your stock, your taste and your wallet. This product provides a distinctive vaping experience that preserves sought-after smoking rituals.

The Dynavap M Plus introduces the finless leading edge for fast warm-up times and a more pronounced groove for easier airflow control. The Dynavap “M” Plus™ is made of medical grade stainless steel and includes the distinctive Captive Cap that indicates the temperature.


Features of the Dynavap M plus:

  • Finless tip with heat indicators – experience the power of the new tip design that provides faster warm-up
  • The contribution is 15% higher in volume compared to the previous model “M”
  • Possibility of almost complete extraction in a single heat cycle
  • Made entirely in the USA from medical grade stainless steel
  • Provides easier full airflow control
  • The Adjust-a-bowl function allows you to adjust the size of the chamber to your needs
  • Pivot style rocker for seamless manual airflow control
  • Improved handle with robust tactile textured finish
  • Dosing chamber that can function as an integrated mill
  • The conical mouthpiece fits comfortably into 10 mm female water piece openings


Fits regular size DynaStashes or SlimStashes. Compatible with DynaCoil.

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