Lemon Pie Car (Fast Buds)

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  • Unbelievable 24% THC! Many years of breeding genetics have created this sweet and sour and strong strain.
  • Fast flowering, large production. Produces 550gr/m2 of highly resinous flowers in 56-63 days.
  • Delicious resin. Terpene profile skunk, citrus, sweet pie. Perfect for delicious extracts and cannabis concentrates.
  • Easy to grow. It requires little care and is highly resistant to pests. Perfect for beginners.
  • Very solid. Great for growers with limited space.
  • Balanced Indica hybrid. For mental and physical euphoria.


Lemon Pie Auto is a hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain with Indica dominance. Growing these hardy hybrid hemp seedlings is extremely easy. This strain is suitable for both beginners and experienced cannabis growers alike, as without much care, growers can enjoy an impressive 24% THC content. The seedlings “load” colored flowers (buds) with red and pink shades, as well as pistils in light orange and white. It offers a strong, but not “sweeping” finish, while it stands out with its wonderfully delicious sweet aromas, dominated by notes of sweet yeast, lemon, and pine.

Flower description

Lemon Pie Auto is a hybrid autoflowering cannabis seedling with beautiful light green flowers (buds) with yellow and, in some cases, red or pink hues. The flowers look almost white-white due to the rich resin production. In fact, sometimes, it is quite difficult to see anything other than light orange and white trichomes.

Smoke effects

The effect of the strain is complex, offering a good mix of both mental and physical well-being. You will start with a pleasant uplifting “head”, without losing alertness. It will provide deep physical relaxation, without getting you “stuck” on the couch. It is an excellent choice for relieving body aches and pains, without negatively affecting energy levels.

Show plant Lemon Pie Auto plant

This hybrid autoflowering cannabis variety grows on a seedling with a tall main cola that produces several side branches, which are “loaded” with medium sized, thick, lush green flowers (buds), completely “flooded” with resin and with not so long, light orange and white-coloured pistils. The thick flowers, which cover all branches and the main stem as a whole, have a high estimated production yield that can even reach 550gr/m2.

In many cases, the flowers produced by this hybrid cannabis variety stand out with their beautiful pale pink and reddish hues. With proper flushing, i.e. by stopping the intake of nutrients and regular watering with clean water, you can achieve the spread of these beautiful colours throughout the plant, giving it incredibly beautiful details.

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