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The North Thunderfuck Automatic meets many expectations, attracting growers and smokers alike. It is suitable for small spaces (with training) and performs very well. The period between sowing and harvesting lasts a few weeks, offering a strong, uncompromised end product (contains 22% THC). If it is instant euphoria you seek, you have just found it.



As far as cannabis strain names go, North Thunderfuck Automatic is definitely one of the most humorous. But, as you already know, cannabis varieties have many strong characteristics beyond their name. Discover why it’s worth making some space in your grow room or garden and try this variety.

North Thunderfuck Automatic: The automatic version of the Matanuska Thunderfuck from RQS

RQS cannabis breeding experts decided to add autoflowering genes to the parent variety North Thunderfuck, a variety that stands out for its high THC levels and euphoric effects. After crossing it with a Ruderalis plant, our experts were able to accelerate the availability of its euphoric buds.

Effect and taste

North Thunderfuck Automatic outshines most automatic flowering varieties in terms of potency. With THC levels of 22%, it offers an immediate sense of euphoria that activates the mind, making it an excellent choice in the early hours of the morning when you’re looking for something to wake you up. In addition, its intense effect is accompanied by rich flavors of citrus, pine and skunk.

Growth characteristics

Thinking of trying the North Thunderfuck Automatic? See what this particular variety can offer you. Indoors, the plants grow to a height of between 70-140cm (you can keep them closer to the ground using training techniques such as LST) and produce around 500-550g/m². If you choose to grow it outdoors, the plants will reach a height of up to 150cm, yielding 140-180g per plant. Regardless of where you choose to grow your plants, harvesting will be possible 10-12 weeks after germination.

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