Ointment with hemp oil & chili for muscles and joints


The hemp ointment with hemp extract, caffeine and chili pepper is ideal for muscles and joints.
100% natural – without petroleum products and palm oil.
Contains CBD.



Ointment with hemp oil and chili pepper for muscles and joints – 100ml

Hemp oil ointment is made from a traditional homemade recipe combining hemp, caffeine extract and chilli pepper.
The ointment also contains a portion of CBD, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and harmonizing effects.
The hemp oil ointment is 100% natural, contains beeswax and lanolin and does not contain petroleum-based products or chemical additives.

– Contains caffeine extract and chili pepper
– Shea Butter and natural lanolin
– A traditional recipe

Use of the ointment:
Massage the ointment into a thin layer on the affected skin area.
Hemp oil ointment with caffeine extract and chili pepper helps relieve tension in muscles and joints that can lead to severe pain.
Natural relief for athletes, seniors and hard-working people.

WARNING: It contains chili pepper! Do not apply to the eye, mucous membrane and groin areas



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