Opium (Paradise Seeds)

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50% Indica 50% Sativa



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Opium (Paradise Seeds)

Queen of plants… We call it Opium. Yes, the Queen of the Plants of Paradise is a bold claim, but we are confident we can make it. This 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid blend combines a majestic growth with a delightfully royal aroma and effect.

As you would expect with our Queen, we invested a lot of time and energy in her preparation. By the time it came to the fore, it had been bred for many generations, using the genetics of the original classical lines; and it did not disappoint when it arrived. Paradise Seeds’ Opium, which won the High Times Cannabis Cup award, immediately became popular in the growing community.

The characteristics we channeled into Opium created a variety with qualities that stand out. The plant grows vigorously, with a thick stem and bushy lateral branches. This gives it the tools to produce LARGE and heavy buds that are rich in fur.

Cannabis genealogy
Opium’s unique character comes from the extensive breeding process that contributed to this plant. The genetic code has been imprinted with the best qualities of indica and sativa plants with Indian, African and Californian genetic influences. The resulting variety is something exotic and exaggerated and led to the name (more of an aroma than a poppy field). The result is a plant much admired by experienced cannabis growers looking for something a little different.

Aromas and flavours
In the cultivation room, the smell is complex, carrying the aroma of sweetness and fruit, with hints that are earthy and woody. Once the buds are cut and dried, this characteristic aroma diffuses as the sweetness and fruity creamy flavour intensifies and lingers on the taste buds once you taste it.

The strong bushy growth produces thick tops covered with thick buds, with a thick layer of glossy hairs fit for a queen. Super-active resin production produces very oily large, thick and heavy nuggets.

Indoor performance: 450 g per m²
Outdoor yield: 1000 g per plant

Recreation: The effect of opium is quickly communicated by a surge of all the body’s energy that overloads the thought process and initiates the creative flow. The result is described as very special – an effect that has to be tasted to be appreciated, adding to the reputation of Opium cannabis seed as something a little different.

Medical: It is consistently rated as a very useful variety for pain relief. Despite the element of a change in perspective in the effect, this is not a stress-inducing variety. The relaxation qualities are also accompanied by the ability to carry on with one’s daily chores without a problem.

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