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Royal Cookies Automatic is the newest, hottest, automatic flowering variety that Royal Queen Seeds has to offer. Based on the crossing of the widely loved Girl Scout Cookies variety with Ruderalis genetics, this iconic flavor variety has become easier than ever to grow.



Royal Cookies Automatic: “Cookies” full of taste in a flash

Royal Cookies Automatic with its dense and exuberant, biscuit-flavoured, exuberantly sized flowers gives a new meaning to ease of growth. By combining the gourmet taste that Royal Cookies has, along with genetic Ruderalis, a new and unique hybrid was created. In indoor cultivation, Royal Cookies Automatic will become larger than the average of the automatic flowering varieties. It is common to reach 60-120 cm in height. These “cookies” are definitely not snack size. The Royal Cookies Automatic is a perfect fit for those who practice the SOG technique. If grown in experienced hands, it can yield around 450g/m² in just 10-12 weeks from planting.

In outdoor cultivation in a warm climate, even with a short summer, it can have an amazing yield. The ability to flower regardless of the hours of sunshine means that you can harvest multiple crops of ‘cookies’ from spring to autumn.
With the plant’s ability to reach a height of up to 140 cm and produce 130-180 grams per plant, even beginners can achieve a high yield.
Royal Cookies Automatic is ultra-regal and has very fast flowering. With flowers that have 18% THC content in just 6-8 weeks.

Delicious Delight

As a cannabis variety with a sweet dessert-like taste, Royal Cookies Auto is perfect for after-dinner use by connoisseurs. The flowers are dense and covered with hairs. The characteristic biscuit aroma and the light minty aftertaste of the original Cookies variety have been preserved. Most importantly, its natural muscle relaxing effect will come on quickly and last for hours. With 18% THC content and minimal CBD, Royal Cookies Auto is not just a comprehensive autoflowering strain.
These will be the most delicious and filling cookies you will ever taste – Finally.

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