Sour Diesel (Royal Queen Seeds)

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The famous Sour Diesel is now available in feminised seeds from Royal Queen Seeds. We are proud to add this famous cannabis variety to our collection. This particular variety is probably one of the most famous in the world – and probably one of the strongest.



Sour Diesel – Ideal for growing indoors

Like many of the best varieties growing these days, Sour Diesel comes from California. It is the favorite of many smokers and growers. This powerful American miracle of genetics will grow exceptionally well indoors in all regions of the world. Instead, to grow outdoors it needs a warm climate, like that of California or Spain.

Attractive resinous flowers

This variety is mainly Sativa, which is evident from the way the plant grows and the strong euphoria it offers when eaten. The plant develops its resinous flowers and strong fragrance over a 10-week flowering period and can reach a size of 100 to 130 cm, with a slight elongation during early flowering.

Spicy and sour taste

Sour Diesel is a spicy, aromatic variety. Intense, with herbal and sweet and sour flavours coming from its bright flowers. Under optimal growth conditions it will yield 450 to 600 grams per square meter. It is a crop equally good in quantity and quality producing resinous flowers of unparalleled quality. Real Diesel power!

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