Tinymight 2


The new standard of portable atomizers.

Powerful, robust, beautiful, fast, easy to use and clean and most importantly, amazing steam quality.



The basic package includes:

  • Tinymight 2 thermal extraction device
  • One 55 mm glass tube
  • Cooling unit
  • 1 Molicel P26A or P28A battery
  • One 80 mm titanium tube (included back due to popular demand as of 10/01/23)
  • Spare parts kit including o-rings and screens
  • USB-C to USB-C charging cable
  • Carrying case
  • Instruction manual


What’s new in Tinymight 2?

Tinymight 2 is the result of all the lessons and feedback we have received during our work since 2019. The actual process of designing and completing it took over 18 months and countless revisions to get to the point where we can now proudly present the new Tinymight 2.


Choice of wood: American walnut wood allows the Tinymight 2 to stay a little cooler, having better insulating properties than oak. Also, its grain structure is generally smoother, so it allows the device to feel firmer and smoother in the hand.


Size: Tinymight 2 is slightly larger than the original Tinymight. This allowed us to do three things: better heat insulation, much more robust construction and more space for more sophisticated electronics.


Battery cap: We have updated the battery cap to make it easier to change the batteries. The original design had a recessed lid that often required a coin to open. The new lid has a nice surface with a handle to grip and open it easily without additional tools.


Multi-tool: We included a tool with the Tinymight 2 on top of the unit, always ready to use when needed. The idea was to allow easier adjustment of the volume of the herb chamber without having to search for the right tool, as it always comes with the unit. The same tool can also be used to stir the herb, to empty the contents of the chamber and even upside down to dab the herb with the side of the handle. And it also allows you to see the battery level and power lights through it.


New finish of the metal parts: The Tinymight 2 features a new finish on all external metal parts to make them much more scratch-resistant, so it can withstand active and carefree use and maintain its beauty for a long time.


USB-C fast charging: the Tinymight 2 features a completely new electronic charging system. Allows very fast and efficient charging with much less energy waste. It is designed to work with almost every possible adapter, including computer USB ports, power banks, car chargers, high-speed USB PD chargers, Quick Charge compatible chargers, and automatically adjusts the charging speed to get the most out of the source. In case you need it, we also have an accessory USB-C adapter, which is tested to guarantee maximum TM2 charging performance.


General resilience: A lot of work and attention has gone into making the Tinymight 2 a very robust device to allow for carefree use for years to come. We looked at a list of problems we’ve ever had with the original Tinymight, causes of warranty returns, and decided to change everything that needed changing. As a result, the device has a completely new construction, multiple new components and additional steps in the manufacturing process that allow it to be much stronger and more durable.

Each Tinymight 2 unit is carefully manufactured in Finland.

Each Tinymight 2 unit is carefully manufactured in Finland. Tinymight 2 is a certified Finnish Key Flag product.

As wood is a natural material, each piece of the wooden body will appear slightly different in finish either in colour or pattern of the wood. Tinymight cannot guarantee the colour, grain or texture of the wood.



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