Triple G (Royal Queen Seeds)

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Our growers have really worked great with Triple G.
They extracted the best characteristics from two legendary varieties and created a top quality Indica hybrid.



Triple G (Gorilla Glue Gelato): get ready for take-off!

Triple G comes from a prestigious family. Its title is a tribute to the powerful and well-known varieties that are its ancestors and have managed to fascinate the world, Gorilla Glue and Gelato. They are famous for their incredible strength, excellent taste and high yield. We took our own versions of these varieties, Green Gelato and Royal Gorilla, and created Triple G.

Our growers wanted to create something that could compete with the top genetic traits of its parents. Triple G does just that. It has a huge THC content and a sweet taste that satisfies the mind, body and taste buds. Overall, it is an excellent mostly Indica strain with an excessive THC content.


A small warning. Don’t underestimate Triple G! Beginning growers are advised to be very careful with this variety. Its flowers look like they are about to start oozing with glossy resin. Their psychoactive nectar contains 26% THC and will start to affect the mind within seconds. Experienced smokers will feel an immediate stimulation of their nervous system accompanied by a burst of euphoric energy. Although these effects can be extremely pleasurable for experienced smokers, they can cause intense feelings of anxiety in beginners.

If you can handle the intense buoyancy it causes, get ready for a fantastic ride of creativity, contemplation and thought. Triple G also has excellent therapeutic possibilities for those seeking relief. Try it if you have trouble sleeping, anorexia or chronic pain.

The taste has notes of chocolate, berries and marshmallows. The bombardment of the senses doesn’t stop there though, but continues with earthy, spicy and diesel aromas.


Triple G produces a lush foliage with thin, pointed flowers. Its flowers are full of orange pistils and a dense layer of trichomes. The strong predominance of Indica characteristics makes it grow in a bushy way, which makes it extremely manageable. Many growers use pruning techniques so that all its flowers can enjoy an equal amount of light. Finally, it grows equally well outdoors and indoors, and offers medium level yields.

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Royal Queen Seeds

Πριν δημιουργηθεί η τράπεζα σπόρων της το 2007,  η RQS είχε μακροχρόνια γνώση και πάθος για την καλλιέργεια της κάνναβης. Μετά το τεράστιο ενδιαφέρον για τις ποικιλίες της, άνοιξε το πρώτο της  κατάστημα στο Άμστερνταμ, στην οδό Damstraat, το 2010. Το 2011, εγκαινιάσε την ιστοσελίδα της Royal Queen Seeds. Λόγω της αυξανόμενης ζήτησης, ανοίξε κι ένα άλλο κατάστημα στο Άμστερνταμ το 2015, στη Haarlemmerstraat, και το 2016 καλωσορίσε τους πρώτους της πελάτες στο κατάστημά της στην οδό Carrer de Pelai στη Βαρκελώνη της Ισπανίας. Σήμερα, η RQS λειτουργεί σε 17 χώρες στην Ευρώπη και προσφέρει 90+ ποικιλίες υψηλής ποιότητας, καθώς και εξοπλισμό, συμβουλές και γνώσεις.
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