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Wedding Gelato is the result of a love triangle that really worked. There are no disputes about which is the dominant variety. The Wedding Gelato variety has taken the best characteristics of its parents and brings them to you in an active and tasty combination. Inhale the sugary taste of Gelato and exhale the peppery notes of Wedding Cake.



Wedding Gelato – An Advanced Love Relationship That Lifts You Up With Every Sip

With a fascinating and complex pedigree, Wedding Gelato is a descendant of some of the most beloved varieties. Each of its ancestors contributes harmoniously to the creation of this exceptional variety, giving it its own unique characteristics. The result is a particularly rich flavour profile, combined with a balanced lift. The love triangle started with Triangle Kush and Animal Mints which were combined to make the Wedding Cake. Then Gelato 33 was added to give a little more interest to this relationship. So the 20-25% THC content comes from Gelato 33, while the genetic diversity of Wedding Cake provides most of the flavour.


Wedding Gelato is very sweet and leaves an earthy aftertaste. Citrus, minty notes and a little vanilla flavor flood the mouth like a glass of warm, creamy milk. Having slightly more Indica genetic traits, this almost perfectly balanced hybrid focuses its euphoric effects on the mind. Waves of uplifting energy are coming with intensity and speed, so be prepared. After it removes stress and any anxious thoughts, its effect will go on to your muscles. It offers light relaxation that allows you to enjoy your time as you wish, without the classic sofa sitting that other Inidca varieties cause.

Its flowers are compact and active, like small clusters of concentrated power. The only indication of its strength is the bright orange hairs. When combined with the vivid green colour of the flowers, they can make growers stare at them for hours, admiring their beauty. Extremely active and quite liquid, Wedding Gelato is ideal for all-day enjoyment. To really enjoy its special genetic characteristics, however, it is good to have some free time, as it needs a full and uninterrupted afternoon to eliminate all the stress and worries of modern daily life.


If you grow this green beauty outdoors, it will be ready for harvest in early October. Indoors, the flowering lasts for about 60 days, while the crop that it will give you is of medium level and amounts to 350-400g/m². Although it does not offer a large harvest, it makes up for it with its high THC content and rich taste.

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