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The X-MAX Ace Vaporizer is the successor of the famous Starry model. It is made of high quality materials and introduces a number of innovations, such as a black ceramic chamber, a revolutionary quick-discharge mechanism and convenient design for easy filling and the Boost function for concentrates.

Full temperature control over a wide range, a replaceable battery and the excellent quality of the vapour produced are just some of the advantages of the X-MAX Ace atomizer! If you are looking for your first atomizer and aim for a high quality device – the X-MAX Ace is a great choice!

Innovative design
The X-MAX Ace is a brand new atomizer from the maker of models like the Fog and Starry, to eventually replace both. The design is surrounded by a high-quality, robust carbon fibre casing. On the side is a small screen and control buttons, while on the front is a mechanism for instant chamber emptying – just move the switch to empty the chamber in no time.

The area around the chamber is specially shaped for quick and convenient filling. The chamber itself is made of black ceramics, which in turn ensure an extremely clean taste of the steam. The mouthpiece, made of zirconia ceramics, is mounted in a magnetic cap with an internal vapour cooling system. The vapor path is completely isolated from the electronics, which guarantees safe inhalation.

Great inhalation experience
Although the filling chamber of the X-MAX Ace Vaporizer is located at the top of the device, the vapor is always at the optimal temperature thanks to a special cooling system. The chamber is made of black ceramic, which in combination with the Zirconia ceramic mouthpiece guarantees a pure herbal taste. The free flow of air makes inhalation effortless and very comfortable.

Thanks to the vibration alerts, you will never miss when the selected temperature is reached or even when it is automatically switched off. In short, using the X-MAX Ace is extremely convenient! Although the dry herb is heated by conduction, the steam is of very good quality and will not only satisfy novice users.

Full temperature control and condensate function
The X-MAX Ace offers full temperature control over a very wide range from 100 to 240°C. The temperature can be adjusted to within 1 degree, making this model ideal for aromatherapy and with herbs with low evaporating temperatures.

Fans of concentrates will definitely enjoy the capsule designed for their evaporation and a special Boost mode, in which the X-MAX Ace reaches 255°C – this temperature allows for efficient evaporation of extracts and we have to admit that the X-MAX Ace fits this better than most sprayers designed for dry herb. So this is a true 2-in-1 vaporizer.

Powered by a removable 18650 battery
The X-MAX Ace is powered by a standard 18650 rechargeable battery. The battery is removable – a feature highly appreciated by all exhaust fans. You can equip yourself with an extra battery and replace it in a short time if the device is discharged. This will extend the ability to use the device without having to charge it.

The battery is charged via the micro-USB port and has a capacity of 2600 mAh. A fully charged battery allows the device to be used for about 15 5-minute cycles, which translates to about 75 minutes of continuous operation – an excellent result for such a small sprayer! The automatic shutdown time is adjustable – between 5 or 10 minutes.

X-MAX Ace – a quiet beast!
The X-MAX Ace certainly suits our taste and is currently one of the most interesting offers from the price range up to 500 PLN. In addition to its interesting design, high-quality materials, excellent inhalation experience and many innovative solutions, it is very small and discreet, so you can use it almost anywhere.

If you are looking for your first atomizer , if you want it to be solidly built and offer advanced features, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, then the X-MAX Ace will be the best choice for you!



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