Zkittlez Car (Fast Buds)

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  • Sweet as a marshmallow. If the rainbow had a taste, it would be so delicious. Extremely fruity taste dominated by sweet berries.
  • Impressive production performance. This particular cannabis seedling reaches 100cm in height and produces up to 500gr/m2 in just 70 days!
  • Indica delight. It makes a satisfying head, removes stress, creates long hours of physical euphoria.
  • Perfect for stealth cannabis growers. A highly sought-after genetics, now even stronger and more solid.
  • Bathed in trichomes (trichomes). Crazy amounts of resin. Perfect choice for cannabis extractors and hash producers.


Zkittlez Auto is one of the most popular and most loved hybrid strains of autoflowering cannabis, and it makes sense. It is distinguished by its excellent stability, its perfectly compact structure, its high THC content of up to 23%, and its delicious sweet taste reminiscent of marshmallow. It is a hybrid autoflowering cannabis seedling with Indica dominance that will “flood” the space with its irresistible fragrance. It develops a main stem (main cola) with flowering points that “load” with extremely large flowers (buds). When these wonderful cannabis pot plants are ready to eat, they will give you a nice and balanced euphoric lift, both mentally and physically, without getting stuck on the couch.

Flower description

Candy, frosty flowers (buds). Zkittlez Auto is a hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain that produces large green tassels with orange, subtle blue and purple tones. The long maturation will help these fantastic hemp tassels to bring out their exceptional quality, bringing out even more of the complex fruity sugary terpenes.

Effects of smoking

The effect starts with a quick and pleasant head and which will gradually lead to a pleasant physical relaxation that can last for about 3 hours. These characteristics make this hybrid cannabis strain an ideal choice for afternoon or evening smoking. Although it is not a “sweeping” Indica euphoria, it is sure to leave you in “clouds” of peace, away from worries and stress. It belongs to the hybrid autoflowering cannabis strains that will be equally loved by novice occasional smokers and long-time stoners.

Show plant Zkittlez Auto plant

Zkittlez Auto has a perfectly compact structure and does not grow more than 100cm. The Zkittlez Auto hybrid autoflowering cannabis seedling develops multiple and dense flowering points, a large main cola which has vertical growth, and a few side branches. In the final flowering phase, you can expect flowers that “swim” in the resin.

It belongs to the high yielding hybrid hemp seedlings, as it has an estimated yield of about 450-500g/m2 under ideal growing conditions. It has good inter-genital spacing and is an extremely hardy cannabis seedling. An option that both beginners and more experienced cannabis growers who wish to delve into cannabis seedling training will love.

Taste Sweet, Berry, Fruit, Confectionery, Sweets
THC Up to 23%
CBD < 1%
Harvest EU Interior. Site 450 – 500 gr/m2
Harvest US Interior. Site 1.5 – 1.6 oz/ft2
Harvest EU Outdoor 70 – 300 gr/plant
Harvest US Outdoor 3 – 11 oz/plant
Size XL
Height 70 – 100 cm
Height US 28 – 39 inches
Flowering 9 – 10 weeks
Room Outdoor / Indoor. Site
Sex Females
Genes Sativa 40%/Indica 60%
Genetics Zkittlez Car
Autoflowering Yes
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