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    DynaVap – The ” B ” : Black Original price was: 59,00 €.Current price is: 55,00 €.

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  • Tinymight 2 380,00 

    The new standard of portable atomizers.

    Powerful, robust, beautiful, fast, easy to use and clean and most importantly, amazing steam quality.

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    FromG i
    DynaVap – The VonG (I): Titanium Original price was: 192,00 €.Current price is: 148,00 €.

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    The Wall
    The Wall Original price was: 169,00 €.Current price is: 150,00 €.

    The Wand combined with our borosilicate glass bangers create a safe and easy dabbing experience eliminating the need for torch along with the wires and coils that come with other eNail

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  • Blackberry Auto (Fast Buds) 30,00 80,00 
    • Forest fruits in the form of flowers. The flowers give off a delicious mix of terpenes berries and kush.
    • Multi-award winning breeding genetics. Result of top genetic breeding. This cannabis strain won first prize at the first Autoflower Cup (USA).
    • A real treat. Flowers dipped in sugar with a delicious berry taste.
    • For Indica lovers. It makes a very strong “head” that will “sink” you into the couch, an experience that experienced cannabis smokers love.
    • Lovely purple colours. The seedling can reach up to 110cm in height, it is compact, with purple dominating
  • Cherry Cola Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • A modern masterpiece. Height up to 150 cm. Estimated yields of up to 600gr/m2!
    • The candy of nature. The delicious cherry cola terpenes make great tasting extracts.
    • The ideal daily strain. Ideal for day and night use.
    • Wildly carbonated and fruity. With up to 25% THC, every terphead’s dream comes true.
    • The best of both worlds. A wonderful hybrid, perfectly balanced.
  • Grapefruit Auto (Fast Buds) 24,00 70,00 
    • Incredibly fruity terpenes. Fresh sour grapefruit with earthy notes. Excellent taste for hemp extracts and concentrates.
    • Short and loaded. Perfect for cannabis growers with limited space. It is a practically short (90cm) and compact cannabis seedling.
    • Excellent genetics. No special care needed, super easy to grow.
    • It thrives in the cold! Reliable seedling that thrives in cold and humid climates.
    • Only the best!. In just 70 days you will be rewarded with a production yield of 600gr/m2 of A’ quality flowers.
  • Hand cream with CBD 50ml – 125mg 24,90 

    CBD quantity: 125 mg
    Content: 50 ml
    Product type: natural cream with raw hemp extract
    Concept: All other cannabinoids and terpenes are present
    Benefits: Nutritious, caring effects
    Color: Light green
    Packaging: flexible tube
    Smell: Natural and herbal
    Suitable for: The whole family, people and animals

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    X-MAX V3 Pro Vaporizer
    X-MAX V3 Pro Vaporizer 119,00 

    The X-MAX V3 Pro uses a hybrid heating system with transfer superiority, offers a choice between session mode and on-demand mode, delivers great quality vapour and is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery.

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  • Blue Dream Auto (Fast Buds) 30,00 80,00 
    • Excellent production. Estimated production yield up to 600gr/m2 from trichome-rich flowers (buds).
    • A huge Sativa sapling. With a Sativa dominance of 75%, these cannabis seedlings reach 110cm in height with a very high main stem and branches.
    • Perfect for commercial growers. Strong effect and great production of fantastic resin.
    • Beautiful appearance. The flowers take on seductive green and purple hues and have thick orange bracts.
    • Guess the terpenes! Delicious tropical terpenes with floral notes that change slightly with each puff
  • Strawberry Banana Auto (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • With an amazing 27% THC. One of the most powerful autoflowers of 2022!
    • Super high production yields. Highly efficient production that can reach up to 600gr/m2.
    • Strawberry Banana Smoothie. Intense strawnana terpenes create the most delicious hemp extracts.
    • One of the biggest autos. Perfectly selected genes grow an autoflowering cannabis seedling with a height of up to 150cm.
    • A different taste in every sip. Rich strawberry and banana flavors with sweet, earthy, and bubblegum notes create an exciting taste “puzzle” in every sip!
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    Tibor CBD
    Tibor CBD 8,00 14,00 

    CBD < 36%

    THC < 0.2%

    Seed from approved varieties of the EU.The product is intended and sold as a decorative space – aromatic.

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  • Vaporizer Mighty+ 398,00 

    Faster Faster Louder.
    Feel the power of the new improved MIGHTY+.
    Since its release, MIGHTY has been a champion.
    Now, MIGHTY+ sets the bar even higher with these amazing new features:

    • USB-C connector
    • Overcharge mode: 80% charge at approx. 40 minutes
    • It heats up to approx. 60 seconds
    • Filling chamber with ceramic coating
    • Optimised design for better stability
    • Preset Superbooster temperature
    • Improved housing
    • 2 years warranty + 1 year with registration
  • VENTY Vaporizer 448,00 

    VENTY is our fastest device and the first atomizer of its kind to feature adjustable airflow. Although portable, it is extremely efficient and takes just 20 seconds to heat up and allows an amazing airflow of 20 litres/minute at maximum stage. If you are looking for an S&B multi-tool, the VENTY is the vaporizer for you!
    Now, VENTY sets the bar even higher with these amazing new features:

    • Adjustable air flow up to 20 litres/minute
    • Quick heating in just 20 seconds!
    • Features the newly designed convection & conduction mini-heater = no burn, just big, tasty clouds of steam.
    • Precisely adjustable temperature from 40°C to 210° in the device.
    • USB-C charging, including Supercharge: 80% charge in 40 minutes.*
    • Bluetooth connectivity and control via web application
    • Built-in Temperature Boost & Superboost for maximum convenience
    • 2 high-power lithium-ion batteries
    • UL certification
    • 2 years warranty + 1 year after registration
  • Amnesia Zkittlez Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • Ideal for beginners. Huge yields of up to 600gr/m2, without much effort.
    • Prepare for “take-off”! An almost psychedelic “lift” that will take you to the moon.
    • A modern blast to the past. Experience the full range of classic and modern terpenes!
    • Rich in fruity terpenes. Fruity resin perfect for delicious extracts.
    • Super Sativa. For a full Sativa experience, in 70 days!
  • Banana Purple Punch Auto (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • The purple champion. Purple lovers will fall in love with it.
    • The fruitiest of all. Every hashish producer’s dream has just come true.
    • A powerful effect that puts an end to stress. 26% THC, every puff and a big smile.
    • So much rich complexity in so little time! Up to 450 – 550gr/m2 in just 56 days!
    • Pure Indica. Sends you sweetly to sleep, the perfect variety for nighttime use!
  • Bruce Banner Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • He heads off with tremendous momentum! With a massive 25% THC content, it’s a strain that hits hard, even for the most experienced consumers.
    • A real monster in size! A huge auto hemp seedling that can reach even 150cm with an equally high production yield.
    • Perfect for hash producers. It produces impressive amounts of resin, a fantastic choice for commercial exporters and hash producers.
    • Excellent for relaxation. It releases 100% of daily stress, even on the most demanding and difficult days
  • Gorilla Punch Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • A visual treat. Dark purple buds in magenta shades, your own purple garden.
    • Fantastically balanced. The ideal result for those who need to stay in a positive mood and get the job done.
    • Extremely strong effect. 26% THC, every puff can send you knockout!
    • Royal terpene delight. Ideal strain for hashish producers and extractors.
    • Full flavour performance. Up to 550g/m2 of delicious, terpene-rich flowers!
  • Gorilla Zkittlez Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • The sweetener of your life. Tasty sweet resin with up to 25% THC!
    • Fast, wild and fruity. Top flowers ready in 63 days!
    • Definitely our next champion. Discover the wonderful side of modern autoflowers.
    • Much more than just a wonderful sweetness. It produces 550gr/m2, one of the most efficient autos.
    • Try the best of both worlds. When old and new-school flavors are mixed!
  • Strawberry Gorilla Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • An autoflower-monster. With a height of close to 150 cm, it grows one of the largest auto saplings.
    • You’re testing real power. Aromatic resin with up to 27% THC!
    • Total balance. Suitable for day and night use, ideal strain for all-day use.
    • It’s getting big and offers great production yields. Harvest up to 600gr/m2!
    • The ideal effect for every day. A perfect strain for those who need an extra boost early in the morning.
  • C4 Car (Fast Buds) 24,00 
    • Terpenes that go crazy. Earthy berry flavours with buttery sweet notes.
    • Easy to grow. It is a strain that needs no special care, nor does it require special facilities.
    • Purple dynamite. Oblong and dense purple flowers from top to bottom.
    • Perfect balance. The best qualities of both worlds, a pleasant balance of Indica and Sativa epicureanism.
    • One of the first to be released. Years and years of genetic breeding have created a strong and stable strain of cannabis.
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    XMAX VITAL black
    XMAX VITAL DRY HERB VAPORIZER – BLACK Original price was: 68,90 €.Current price is: 60,00 €.
  • Californian Snow Auto (Fast Buds) 24,00 70,00 
    • The best Cali option. Excellent cannabis strain with a heritage of fantastic Californian Sativas and our own autoflowering genetics.
    • Incredibly resinous flowers. The crazy production of trichomes testifies to the power of the flowers, without even having to smell them.
    • It’s like biting into an apple. A delicious mix of sweet marshmallows and sour apples that you can’t get enough of.
    • Journey to the stars. Makes a very long euphoric “head”, perfect choice for social gatherings.
    • Super frosty. Guess where that came from? The flowers.
  • Cream Cookies Auto (Fast Buds) 30,00 80,00 
    • Cream n’ cookies. The perfect recipe, now in auto version.
    • Short and discreet. An Indica hybrid hemp seedling reaching a height of 90cm. Perfect for discreet outdoor cultivation.
    • Creamy “sinking” on the couch. An uplifting influence that will gradually “sink” you into the couch. Ideal for relaxation at home.
    • Beautiful colours. The flowers turn light green with purple tones and red tones after flushing.
    • Softer than silk. Rich kush flavor with sweet tones reminiscent of cookies, guaranteeing the smoothest smoking you’ve enjoyed so far.
  • Fastberry Car (Fast Buds) 24,00 70,00 
    • Sweet blueberry pie. With delicious blueberry flavor that excites the taste buds!
    • Strong Indica effect. It hits hard and “sinks” you into the couch. It will take you on a dream trip.
    • Quality purple flowers. In just 63 days the seedling produces about 500gr/m2 of beautiful magenta flowers.
    • High durability. It is recommended for hemp growers who intend to grow in cold and humid climates.
  • G14 Auto – 3 seeds (Fast Buds) 24,00 
    • Excellent choice for beginner growers. It can be grown anywhere and by anyone. It is an unmistakable auto cannabis strain.
    • Convenient discretion. The seedling becomes thick and compact, perfect for stealth cannabis growers.
    • Nice crystallized flowers. Super frosty flowers that make delicious extracts and concentrates of cannabis.
    • For peace and relaxation. Huzuriki effect that drives away tension and stress, perfect for calm and relaxation.
    • Hashy flavors. Rich flavor profile where wood, citrus, pepper coexist.
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  • Gelato Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • Crazy power. For those who enjoy the strong effects, with 26% THC.
    • Unique terpenes. The ice cream flavour with sweet notes guarantees the most delicious concentrates and the most fantastic cannabis extracts.
    • Discreteness. With its stubby Indica structure, it is the perfect choice for growing anywhere.
    • Excellent results! Thanks to its high THC levels, it is recommended for those who are going through a difficult psychological phase or seeking creativity.
    • Multi-purpose extracts and concentrates. Our Gelato was included in the top 3 cannabis extracts and concentrates in the 2020 edition &tLearn more
  • Girl Scout Cookies Car – (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • Sweet and delicious like a biscuit. A rich flavour blend with kushy, earthy flavours that are very reminiscent of biscuits.
    • A real resin production machine. Flowers covered with resin, like the icing on cookies.
    • Famous Cali genetic breeding. This fantastic and much loved cannabis strain, now in auto version!
    • Fast and Easy deployment. A strain that needs no special care and is ready for harvest in 70 days.
    • Delicious euphoria. It offers strong mental euphoria followed by a pleasant physical euphoria.
  • Gorilla Cookies Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • An impressive 27% THC! To date, the strongest autoflowering strain with crazy trichome production.
    • Super reliability and incredible durability. Excellent quality features. Height close to 100cm. Amazing yield up to 600gr/m2 in 10 weeks.
    • Thick and dense flowers. It produces large flowers (buds) the size of a golf ball, fully covered with trichomes. The flowers give off excellent aromas. Ideal for commercial growers and cannabis extractors.
    • Ideal choice for beginner cannabis growers. It is strong, durable, and does not need special care.
  • Gorilla Glue Auto (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • The knockout artist. 24% THC guarantees a strong “head”.
    • The stickiest thing on the market!. With so much resin that your fingers won’t come off.
    • Huge production. Up to 600gr/m2 with a harvest in just 70 days.
    • Extremely powerful. Deep relaxing effect, ideal “head”, perfect for avid smokers and Hybrids lovers.
    • Better than ever. Super dense flowers with thick calyxes, watered in resin, now also in auto version.
    • Discreet development! Short and bushy seedling, perfect strain for outdoor cultivation.
  • Green Crack Car (Fast Buds) 30,00 80,00 
    • Mass production. Great production yields. Pearly white flowers covered with hairs.
    • Delicious terpenes. Rich taste of spicy fruits and tropical mangoes.
    • Energy at full! Refreshing effect ideal for those who want to stay alert throughout a demanding day.
    • Practically compact structure. A homogeneous cannabis seedling with a height of close to 90cm, easy to grow, which does not need much care.
    • Ideal for hemp extractors. High quality strong resin, ideal for those who want hemp extracts and concentrates.
  • Kosher Cake Auto (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • Vote for nice things! A powerful autoflowering plant with 25% THC.
    • Delicious snorts. Delicious taste reminiscent of cookie dough and sweet cake.
    • A’ quality production performance. A highly productive plant with a yield of up to 550gr/m2 in less than 65 days!
    • The perfect cake every time. It makes a pleasant head while creating an extremely relaxing euphoria in the body.
    • A real trichome factory. White-white buds as if dipped in powdered sugar.
  • Lemon AK Car (Fast Buds) 30,00 80,00 
    • Unbelievable 24% THC! Perfectly sweet and extremely strong.
    • Charming appearance and fast flowering. Beautiful pink and red flowers in 56-63 days.
    • Delicious resin. Terpene skunk, citrus, and sweet pie profiles, perfect for mouth-watering cannabis extracts and concentrates.
    • Easy to grow. Minimum care, very resistant to pests. Ideal for beginner growers.
    • Perfectly solid. Ideal choice for growers with limited space.
    • Balanced Sativa hybrid. It brings balanced spiritual and physical euphoria.
  • Lemon Pie Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • Unbelievable 24% THC! Many years of breeding genetics have created this sweet and sour and strong strain.
    • Fast flowering, large production. Produces 550gr/m2 of highly resinous flowers in 56-63 days.
    • Delicious resin. Terpene profile skunk, citrus, sweet pie. Perfect for delicious extracts and cannabis concentrates.
    • Easy to grow. It requires little care and is highly resistant to pests. Perfect for beginners.
    • Very solid. Great for growers with limited space.
    • Balanced Indica hybrid. For mental and physical euphoria.
  • LSD-25 Auto (Fast Buds) 30,00 80,00 
    • Perfect for beginner growers! Despite its height of 120cm, this strain is extremely easy to grow.
    • Purple and purple again. The perfect choice for those who want purple cannabis extracts and concentrates.
    • Awesome terpenes. Mix diesel, red wine, and smoked wood. Aromas that will “flood” the space.
    • Unreal beauty! Assortment of lovely purple shades.
    • Powerful. Novice smokers, beware! The super strong Sativa effect makes a very strong “head”!
  • Mexican Airlines Car (Fast Buds) 24,00 70,00 
    • Pureblood Sativa. A potent combination of Colombian and Mexican Sativa cannabis.
    • Euphoria in the air. Full Sativa effect, without laziness.
    • Deep lemon aromas. Deliciously spicy and lemony terpenes with pine notes.Deliciously powerful experience.
    • Easy to grow. Suitable for all cannabis growers, with or without experience.
    • Strength and endurance. This cannabis strain has high pest resistance and can thrive in difficult conditions.
  • Zkittlez Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • Sweet as a marshmallow. If the rainbow had a taste, it would be so delicious. Extremely fruity taste dominated by sweet berries.
    • Impressive production performance. This particular cannabis seedling reaches 100cm in height and produces up to 500gr/m2 in just 70 days!
    • Indica delight. It makes a satisfying head, removes stress, creates long hours of physical euphoria.
    • Perfect for stealth cannabis growers. A highly sought-after genetics, now even stronger and more solid.
    • Bathed in trichomes (trichomes). Crazy amounts of resin. Perfect choice for cannabis extractors and hash producers.
  • West Coast OG Auto (Fast Buds) 24,00 70,00 
    • Impressive production performance! These cannabis seedlings impress with an estimated yield of 650gr/m2 in just 70 days.
    • Excellent award-winning executive! True to the quality characteristics of the original strain, the new improved auto strain produces beautiful flowers that give a strong effect.
    • Classic terpenes. Unique kush fragrance dominated by pine and citron.
    • Direct from Cali. Ideal choice for cannabis growers looking for the best Cali quality characteristics.
  • Wedding Cheesecake Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • Excellent 24% THC! Deliciously strong effect for those with high stamina.
    • An unmistakable strain for commercial growers. Incredibly large flowers with a thick layer of resin and with yields of 600gr/m2 in about 70 days.
    • With significant strengths. It performs excellently in difficult conditions, a fantastic choice for year-round cultivation regardless of the weather.
    • Fast production. With only 63 days from sowing to harvest, this strain can produce up to 300gr per seedling outdoors.
    • Delicious terpenes. Rich delicious creamy cheesecake flavor with fruit and jam
  • Strawberry Pie Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • Powerful 26% THC! One of our strongest strains, both in potency and in terpenes that are fruity and delicious. Remarkable potency.
    • Amazing trichomes. In the final flowering phase, the flowers “swim” in the resin.
    • High production efficiency. The strain has a production yield of up to 550gr/m2 in less than 65 days!
    • Candy flowers. A complex mixture of cookie dough, cream, and gas gives the strain a skunky flavor reminiscent of strawberry marshmallows.
    • Ideal for stealth growers. Extremely compact seedlings that do not exceed 100cm in height. Ideal choice for limited space.
  • Stardawg Car (Fast Buds) 30,00 80,00 
    • Awarded! Enjoy this exceptional cannabis hybrid with award-winning Cali genetics.
    • The best of both worlds. Balanced mix of Indica and Sativa influences. A complete and enjoyable euphoric experience.
    • He thunders Present. It releases an excellent blend of pine and diesel, with bitter notes… “deafening”!
    • A real star. The sapling reaches up to 120cm in height, has a tall main trunk and beautiful side branches… star!
    • First quality flowers. Abundant thick flowers overflowing with resin. Perfect choice for hemp extracts and concentrates.
  • Smoothie Car (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • Our most prized genetics! An award-winning cannabis strain that is impossible to go wrong with.
    • With fruity explosions. Lovely, smooth tobacco that stands out with its strong profile of fruity terpenes.
    • Excellent choice for extracts. For incredibly delicious cannabis extracts and concentrates.
    • With wonderful balance. It offers the best combined effect from its Indica and Sativa heritage.
    • Seductively colourful. Light green flowers with lovely purple hues, the perfect choice for professional commercial cannabis growers
  • Rhino Ryder Auto – 3 seeds (Fast Buds) 24,00 
    • The best for extractions. Top-shelf resin that will leave you licking your lips and wanting more.
    • Extremely potent. With 20% THC and 1.2% CBD, expect an overpowering high that will deeply relax you.
    • Tough like a rhino. An ideal strain for everyone suffering from harsh climates.
    • Golf-ball-sized buds. Extremely fat and pointy buds that resemble a rhino’s horn.
    • Outstanding flavors. Flavoursome terps of earthy, peppery and pear with cinnamon undertones.
  • Auto Betty (Anesia Seeds) 27,50 77,50 

    Sex: autoflowering seeds
    Yield: up to 300g per plant, 450-500g per m2.
    Genetics:Sour Betty x Big Bazooka Auto
    Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
    hot strong high, euphoric
    Height: 70-100cm
    THC: up to 26%

  • Auto Blueberry Banana (Anesia Seeds) 27,50 77,50 

    Sex: autoflowering seeds
    Yield: 500g/m2 – 250 g/plant
    Genetics: mainly Indica
    Flowering time: 10 weeks
    suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Height: 70-90 cm – 70-100 cm
    THC: 22%
    Aromas/flavours: Banana, blackberry

  • Auto Future #1 (Anesia Seeds) 29,00 82,50 

    Sex: autoflowering seeds
    Yield: 450-500 g/m² – up to 250 g/plant
    Genetics: 70% sativa
    Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
    suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Height: 70-100 cm – 80-120 cm
    THC: 28%
    Aroma/flavors: pineapple, mango

  • Auto Imperium X® (Anesia Seeds) 29,00 82,50 

    Sex: autoflowering seeds
    Yield: 450-500 g/m² – up to 250 g/plant
    Genetics: 60% sativa
    Flowering time:9 weeks
    suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Height: 70-100 cm – 80-120 cm
    THC: 29%
    Aroma/flavors: pineapple, sandalwood

  • Auto Nova OG (Anesia Seeds) 27,50 77,50 

    Sex: autoflowering seeds
    Yield: 500g/m2 – 250 g/plant
    Genetics: mainly Indica
    Flowering time:10 weeks
    suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Height: 70-90 cm – 70-100 cm
    THC: 24%
    Aroma/flavors:coffee, bubblegum

  • Auto Yuhbary (Anesia Seeds) 29,00 82,50 

    Sex: autoflowering seeds
    Yield: 500 g/m² – up to 250 g/plant
    Genetics: 70% sativa
    Flowering time: 10-11 weeks
    suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Height: 70-100 cm – 80-120 cm
    THC: 27%
    Aroma/flavours: sweet mango

  • Bola Mintz (Anesia Seeds) 36,00 105,00 

    Sex: feminized seeds
    Yield: 650g/m² – 800-1400 g/plant
    Genetics: 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
    Ebola #7 x Triangle Mints
    Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
    Harvesting outdoors: end of September
    suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Height: 130-160 cm – 200-270 cm
    Aroma/flavors:fruity, mint

  • Captain Future (Anesia Seeds) 37,00 110,00 

    Sex: feminized seeds
    Yield: 600g/m² – up to 900g per plant
    Genetics: 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
    Future #1 x Emperor Cookies
    Flowering time:10-11 weeks
    Harvesting outdoors: mid-October
    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Height: 110-130cm
    THC: 36%
    Aroma/flavors: pineapple, lemon

  • Dankberry (Anesia Seeds) 36,50 110,00 

    40% Sativa, 60% Indica
    Indoor performance: 550 g/m2
    Outdoor yield: 800-1000 g/plant
    Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
    Aroma: blackberry, nuts
    THC: up to 35%

  • Rainbow Donut Auto (Anesia Seeds) 28,50 80,50 

    Gender: self-seeded
    Yield: 450-500 g/m² – up to 300 g/plant
    Genetics:60% sativa
    Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
    suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    Height: 70-100 cm – 80-120 cm
    THC: 29%
    Aroma/flavors: biscuits, sweet

  • Mimosa Cake Auto (Fast Buds) 36,00 99,00 
    • Legendary flowers. A remarkable terpene profile for excellent extracts.
    • An impressive 24% THC!. Excellent combination of two legendary strains.
    • Terribly fruity. Delicious fruity terpenes that your taste buds will love!
    • A’ Quality automatic flowering seedling. Impressive genetics make the seedling reach a height of 130cm with an estimated yield of 550gr/m2 in 63 days.
    • Perfect balance. Makes a good head, suitable for day and night use.
  • Bubble Kush Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) 25,00 70,00 

    This is a carefully designed variety, which combines the best quality from different species of Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. The result is a unique variety that offers a unique experience even for experienced users. At the same time, Bubble Kush Automatic is durable, easy to grow and will not disappoint.

  • Sweet Skunk Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) 23,00 65,00 

    Sweet Skunk Automatic is very similar to the famous Spanish variety Green Poison, except that it is an automatic flowering variety, so it can be grown almost anywhere. This new variety is an amazing cross between a refined clone of Green Poison and the autoflowering variety Big Devil #2.

  • Purple Queen Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) 23,00 65,00 

    The Purple Queen Automatic is a real treat for the eyes, the nose and of course the mind. It looks great, smells incredible and causes unforgettable feelings of euphoria.

  • Royal Jack Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) 25,00 70,00 

    Jack Herer is a great variety named after a great man. He was a tireless activist for the legalisation of cannabis and author of the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, also known as the “Hemp Bible”. Herer was a strong voice in the cannabis movement until his death in 2010.

  • CBD oil 4% (825mg) Dutch Natural Healing 20ml 37,00 

    CBD packaging: bottle with pipette
    Drops: ± 480
    CBD content: 4% (± 2 mg CBD per drop)
    Oil type: full spectrum Extra Mild CBD Oil (RAW)
    Meaning: all terpenes and cannabinoids present in cannabis
    Benefits: The oldest and best CBD oil available, as nature intended
    Taste: herbal, sweet
    Color: Light brown / gold
    Suitable for: The whole family, people and animals
    Producer: Dutch Natural Healing

  • Blue Cheese Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds) 21,50 60,00 

    Blue Cheese Automatic is a cross between Bluebery Automatic and Cheese Automatic, which has been perfected over a period of five years of careful mating and breeding. The result is a feminized self-sensing species with a large crop, great taste and effects similar to those of its ancestors.

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