Vaporizers use cannabis flowers and hemp flowers to vaporize the vapor of the cannabis plant.
Therefore, the addictive and harmful effects of smoking are greatly reduced

Vaping devices, known as vaporizers, are devices used to vaporize substances for inhalation. They heat a specific amount and offer an intense aroma and steam.
Herbal substances, usually hemp, concentrates (hash, wax) or other herbs can be used.

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  • Tinymight 2 380,00 

    The new standard of portable atomizers.

    Powerful, robust, beautiful, fast, easy to use and clean and most importantly, amazing steam quality.

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    FromG i
    DynaVap – The VonG (I): Titanium 148,00 
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    The Wall
    The Wall 150,00 

    The Wand combined with our borosilicate glass bangers create a safe and easy dabbing experience eliminating the need for torch along with the wires and coils that come with other eNail

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    X-MAX V3 Pro Vaporizer
    X-MAX V3 Pro Vaporizer 119,00 

    The X-MAX V3 Pro uses a hybrid heating system with transfer superiority, offers a choice between session mode and on-demand mode, delivers great quality vapour and is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery.

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    Vaporizer Mighty+ 398,00 

    Faster Faster Louder.
    Feel the power of the new improved MIGHTY+.
    Since its release, MIGHTY has been a champion.
    Now, MIGHTY+ sets the bar even higher with these amazing new features:

    • USB-C connector
    • Overcharge mode: 80% charge at approx. 40 minutes
    • It heats up to approx. 60 seconds
    • Filling chamber with ceramic coating
    • Optimised design for better stability
    • Preset Superbooster temperature
    • Improved housing
    • 2 years warranty + 1 year with registration

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    XMAX VITAL black

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    X-MAX Ace Vaporizer
    X-MAX Ace Vaporizer 90,00 

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    Arizer Air MAX
    Arizer Air MAX 239,00 

    Arizer Air MAX

    Manufacturer: Arizer
    Device dimensions: 12,5cm Height | Diameter 2,5 cm (approx.)
    Materials: Aluminium, glass, ceramic
    Heating type: Hybrid Co-generation/duction
    Heating time: ~ 40 seconds/second
    Temperature range: 50°C – 220°C
    Temperature control: Digital
    Battery: 26650 lithium-ion battery
    Charger: USB-C
    Passthrough: Yes
    Hardware compatibility: Dry herb only
    Application connectivity: No
    Automatic switch-off: Yes
    Guarantee: 2 χρόνια

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  • CFX+ Boundless Technology 199,00 

    CFX+ Boundless Technology

    Designed with innovation in mind, the CFX+ features a zirconium cooling air path and combustion-free heating technology for a smooth vaping experience.

  • Fenix Mini Vaporizer 79,90 

    The Fenix Mini atomizer is the smaller version of the Fenix atomizer with similar properties, except that the palm-sized atomizer provides even greater discretion. Compatible with plant and condensed material, the Fenix Mini features a large OLED display next to the mouthpiece for convenience.

  • XMAX Starry 4 110,00 
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    XVAPE Fog Pro
    XVAPE – Fog Pro 129,00 

    Delivery Method:Direct
    Suitable for: Herbs and concentrates
    Heating technique: Conductivity
    Portable / Desktop: Portable
    Warm-up time: 10 – 20 seconds
    Brand:XMAX / XVAPE
    Temperature range: 100°C – 240°C
    Battery capacity: 3200 mAh

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