PieceMaker Kermit Green Glow Silicone Bong


Material: Silicone for food

Color: Green

Print: PieceMaker logo

Height: 272 mm

Diameter: 48mm

Grind: Plug Chillum

Percolator / Diffuser: no

Ice: no
Kickhole: yes
Oil: no
Info: Diffuser adapter L 115mm



“Blaze Your Own Trail” with the flexible water bong “Kermit Green Glow Silicone Bong” made of the best silicone from PieceMaker™, USA!

The Kermit Green Glow Silicone Bong measuring approximately 12″ in length, with a built-in lighter holder on the base, is a great piece, suitable for everyday use, travel, fishing or even on the run when there is a zombie apocalypse! No glass pieces, just food grade silicone and a stainless steel bowl. You can fold it up and put it in a pocket.

Due to the hexagonal, specially arranged filtration holes, countless air swirls and bubbles occur. These ensure a cooler and more filtered puff.
As the Chillum, with slots , is also made of silicone, this bong has no glass parts

The bowl has an integrated stainless steel sieve that can be removed and then the chillum can be used as an adapter for SG 14 bowls. In addition, there is a lid for the bowl.

The mouthpiece is particularly comfortable and there is a hole!

Please note: Designs with more than one colour (e.g. Kwest Swirl, Lollipop Swirl) may have different colour patterns and therefore deviations from the product photo. It is not possible to choose the pattern!



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