PieceMaker UniKorn Bong




PieceMaker UniKorn Bong

PieceMaker presents the Unikorn Silicone Water Pipe, a uniquely designed silicone bong disguised as a cute unicorn.

This mystical creature is made of BPA-free food grade silicone with a stainless steel bowl piece. Part of the Kannimals series by PieceMaker. The PieceMaker Unikorn Bong features an unbreakable HEX-TEK diffusion stem, removable horn mouthpiece, cleverly placed carburetor and rainbow tail bowl lid. The head is also removable for easy filling and easy cleaning.

This piece is extremely discreet, durable and highly functional!

Piecemaker ‘s 6-inch water hose has everything you need to enjoy your favorite herb.

This lower stem is designed to create more bubbles for the ultimate in filtration. This ensures that your hits are pleasant, clean and tasty.


Features :

Unicorn Bong
Material: Silicone for food
Size: 145x130x75mm
With Kickhole / Carbhole
Made by PieceMaker
Unbreakable Downstem Diffuser
Stainless steel bowls

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