Royal Bluematic (Royal Queen Seeds)

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This is our feminized, autoflowering version of the well-known Blueberry variety, which is famous all over the world for its berry taste and smell. We already had an excellent version of the variety, Blue Mystic, but now we also offer the autoflowering variety, so you have more choice, as well as faster Blueberry harvests.




We crossed ruderalis varieties, with the best genetics of the Blue family, which is derived from crossing wild Thai varieties, Thai hybrids and an old-school Afghan variety, bred by mythical growers in California and Oregon. As a result, we have created the new and improved Royal Bluematic. Thanks to autoflowering genetics, it is easier than ever to grow and will be ready for harvest in 11-12 weeks after the seed is planted.


The Royal Bluematic will become a medium to tall plant, especially for an autoflowering variety, with an average height of 60-75 cm. Like most autoflowering varieties, it will develop few side branches and will use up all its energy in producing a large central flower. On average, each plant will produce around 120 grams of the delicious Royal Bluematic flower. Thanks to its predominantly Indica genetics, Royal Bluematic brings a gentle, relaxing euphoria. Its taste is very similar to that of Blue Mystic, having a sweet smell and berry flavor. It is an easy plant to grow, with a sensual terpene and effect profile that is the perfect combination. This new version of the old and beloved variety can in no way be described as just an imitation, as it offers many advantages.

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