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If you have ever visited the coffeshops in Amsterdam, you will know that the Haze varieties are among the most popular. They have a pleasant taste and euphoric effect – characteristics that everyone loves. However, Haze varieties take a long time to grow and be ready for harvest. But the solution was found and it is none other than Royal Haze Automatic.



Royal Haze Automatic: Incredibly Fast Harvests

The Royal Haze Automatic variety offers the best features of Haze and Skunk, combined in an easy-to-use automatic flowering package. Our expert growers created this variety by combining two of the most famous varieties on the market: the Amnesia Haze and the Kush.

Amnesia Haze is on the shelves of almost every coffeeshop in Amsterdam and offers Sativa effects to millions of tourists every year. It is loved for its citrus taste and offers an impressive and long-lasting effect that increases productivity and promotes inspiration.

The Kush variety, on the other hand, is of Indica origin. Thus, it provides a relaxing experience that eliminates tension, while generously offering intense, earthy flavours.

Effect, Taste and Aroma of Royal Haze Automatic

The Royal Haze Automatic variety offers a versatile effect. Along with THC, its lemon and intense terpenes offer an immediate, cerebral effect. It enhances good mood, creativity and the desire for action.

Meanwhile, terpenes work with THC to relax the body and mind. The moderate THC content of this variety, which is around 14%, creates a pleasant euphoria that is hard to overpower.

Development of Royal Haze Auto

Royal Haze Automatic offers excellent yields in a variety of growing environments. Houseplants reach a height of 65-85cm and produce up to 350g/m². Their small size allows growers to grow them secretly in small cupboards, boxes and buckets.

Outdoor plants grow to a greater height, around 150cm, but growers can keep them small and hidden using pruning techniques such as low-stress training. You should expect a harvest of about 180g/plant when growing in containers and raised platforms.

You won’t even know when it’s time to harvest! This fast growing plant will go from seed to harvest in just 12-13 weeks.

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