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The experts at Royal Queen Seeds have crossed the parent variety Royal Runtz with the exceptional Ruderalis to create a variety with fast growth and great taste. With a little training, you can grow this variety almost anywhere, from small cupboards to the most hidden corners of your garden. It will provide you with a multitude of buds in just a few weeks.



Royal Runtz Automatic: Tasty, Productive and Affordable

We all have one or two varieties that we can distinguish. These varieties meet all the criteria – they produce good harvests, offer a pleasant effect and taste great. After growing Royal Runtz Automatic, many growers quickly put this variety in the category of their favorites. It is an impressive and very advantageous variety that will almost certainly steal your impressions.

The genetic background of the Royal Runtz Automatic

To create Royal Runtz Automatic, our cannabis breeding experts simply crossed the photoperiod variety Royal Runtz with the Ruderalis species. The original strain quickly became popular after its release and growers couldn’t resist its impressive THC level of 27% and the impressive caramel flavour that characterises it. We decided to add some autoflowering genes to the original “recipe”, aiming for a more immediate effect and faster growth.

Effect and taste

What are the differences and similarities between Royal Runtz Auto and the original variety? The THC levels of Royal Runtz Automatic do not reach those of the parent variety which was at 30%, however, at 19% THC it is quite strong for an automatic flowering variety. By using this variety in a bong or a cigarette, you will feel a sense of euphoria and energy flooding your body and mind. The caramel and fruit flavours will make every inhale a delicious treat.

Growth characteristics

If you’re looking for satisfying and fast performance, Royal Runtz Auto will definitely have you covered. Indoors it reaches a height of 70-100cm and produces 350-450g/m². With a little training it can be grown in discreet cabinets and small chambers. Outdoors it reaches a slightly higher height, about 120cm, and yields satisfactorily with 70-100g per plant. After sowing, you will only need to wait 10-11 weeks to harvest the buds.

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