THCB Hemp Flowers Pink Rozay 50%


THCJB Hemp Flowers Pink Rozay

The use of THCB products by persons with psychiatric disorders or diseases, pregnant or breastfeeding women and children is prohibited. Not to be used without supervision.

  • Variety “THCB Pink Rozay”
  • 50% THCB
  • Sale 18+
  • 100% without HHC
  • <0,2 THC


CANAPUFF THCB Hemp Flowers Pink Rozay 50%

Enhance your experience with Pink Rozay, a sophisticated flower that is precision-grown to embody the perfect combination of aesthetics and power. Admire the symphony of vivid pink petals and dense hairs. With an impressive 50% THCB, Pink Rozay stands out as the ultimate power level, offering a deep and relaxing experience. It has a seductive aromatic character that heralds the deeply relaxing journey that follows. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a novice, let Pink Rozay redefine your expectations as it delicately balances power with elegance, creating an unparalleled and intensely relaxing cannabis experience.


The product should be stored in a cool, shady place, away from children.

Sale is only allowed to persons 18+





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