Tropicana Cookies FF (Fast Buds)

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  • Fast and big harvests! Super fast harvest in 6-7 weeks of flowering.
  • Strong aroma, even stronger kick. 28% THC that will blow your taste buds away.
  • Top quality buds. Beautiful dark purple buds with an aroma reminiscent of fresh citrus.
  • Ideal choice for hashish producers. The perfect variety with lots of hair.
  • Excellent strain for all day use. The ideal choice for dealing with everyday problems without stress.


Tropicana Cookies FF (Fast Buds)

Tropicana Cookies FF Fast Buds is the ideal cannabis variety for beginners looking for varieties that thrive outdoors and indoors, and in all types of climates. It is a real “factory” cannabis strain that stands out with its heavy yielding, easy to grow, quite tall seedlings, and will not fail to show its hybrid vigour, even with minimal care. You can expect a strong and long-lasting effect that is both muscle-relaxing and mood-boosting. The perfect boost, even for lazy Monday mornings. Tropicana Cookies FF is infused with a wide range of citrus and woody terpenes with a strong bittersweet background accompanied by 28% THC. These quality characteristics make it the ideal choice for those with a high tolerance to cannabis and who wish to obtain the most delicious and potent strains on the market.

Flower description

This variety develops beautiful purple flowers with often light, but mostly dark shades, accented by pink and blue accents and with dark orange hairs scattered throughout. Tropicana Cookies FF buds grow dense and compact, with a thick layer of resin that gives them an almost fluffy appearance and very few sugar leaves, which makes grating a breeze. Opening the buds reveals a sweet, almost candy-like, aromatic blend of citrus peels and sandalwood, so unique that it will make your buddies green with envy. Definitely the right choice for hashish producers and cannabis extractors looking for highly terpene profiles.

Effects of Smoking

With up to 28% THC, the effects of Tropicana Cookies FF start as a nice energizing psychoactive rush that will give you all the energy boost you need while maintaining high levels of concentration and creativity. As the effect develops, it will hit the whole body with a deeply relaxing sensation that can relieve you from pain and “paint” a huge smile of happiness on your face. This strain of cannabis is suitable for day and night smoking, as it can lift your mood and will make a night out with friends even better. But at the same time, it can calm your mind and make you fall asleep before you can count to ten. Whatever the situation, it is a must choice for those looking for potent and tasty cannabis strains.

Plant appearance

This feminized photoperiodic hemp variety grows very fast, strong seedlings that have a thick, stout, medium sized main trunk with shorter side branches, typical of Indica-dominant hybrids. Tropicana Cookies FF seedlings develop small inter-generational spacing with buds growing stacked on top of each other. These quality characteristics make Tropicana Cookies FF Fast Buds the ideal photoperiodic cannabis variety for growers of all levels who are looking for huge yields without much effort. It is worth noting that this strain can produce up to 650 g/m2 in 6-7 weeks of flowering.


Taste Sandal Tree, Sweet, Lemon
THC Up to 28%
CBD < 1%
Harvest EU Interior. Site 450 – 600 gr/m2
Harvest US Interior. Site 1.5 – 2 oz/ft2
Harvest EU Outdoor 350 – 650 gr/plant
Harvest US Outdoor 12 – 23 oz/plant
Size XL
Height Up to 200 million.
Height US 70 – 80 inches
Flowering 6 – 7 weeks
Room Outdoor / Indoor. Site
Sex Females
Genes Sativa 35%/Indica 65%
Genetics Tropicana Cookies x Tropicana Cookies Auto
Autoflowering no
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