Cannabis may help treat psychosis

Cannabis may help treat psychosis

According to a study by scientists from King’s College, University of London, one of the key ingredients found in cannabis may be effective in treating psychosis.

Researchers conducted a clinical trial in 88 psychosis sufferers – a mental disorder with symptoms of anxiety, paranoid behaviour and hallucinations – and found that patients given Cannabidiol (CBD) had lower levels of psychotic symptoms.

What is striking about the discovery is that while the main psychostimulant component of cannabis (THC) can cause paranoia, anxiety and psychotic symptoms, its second main component (CBD) has the complete opposite properties and could one day act as a mental health healer.

The researchers state in their conclusions published in the American Journal of Psychiatry : ”
The study showed that CBD may be effective for psychosis. Patients given the substance showed a significant reduction in symptoms and were considered by psychiatrists to be significantly improved. Although the mechanisms of CBD are not yet fully understood, it acts in a different way as an antipsychotic and may be a new type of therapy.”



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