CBD patches available versions, benefits and uses

CBD patches available versions, benefits and uses

Topical CBD patches are an effective alternative to the regular CBD oil. At Dutch Natural Healing we offer several versions of this innovative product in addition to the regular CBD Patcheslike CBD Patches Sleep and Extra Strong CBD Patches. Discover how CBD Patches work and what the benefits of using transdermal CBD patches are.


Topical CBD patches

Topical CBD patches are one of the many effective alternatives to good old CBD oil. Because although CBD oil is one of the most popular ways to consume plant cannabinoids from industrial hemp – such as cannabidiol (CBD) – it’s not necessarily the most effective – or practical – way to do so. This has to do with the way the active ingredient is processed by your body.

For CBD oil to reach your body – and have an impact on your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), it must travel through the digestive system where many of the ingested cannabinoids are lost during the so-called “first pass effect”. But when you use CBD patches transdermally (through the skin) – avoid this wasteful process.


Transdermal use of CBD

With this topical method of CBD consumption, the available cannabidiol travels directly through the skin into the bloodstream with minimal loss of cannabinoids; as it requires no other organ to process it other than the skin itself. This is called transdermal application. So when we talk about transdermal use of CBD, we’re talking about applying CBD to the skin so that it can travel into the bloodstream.

However, it sounds easier than it is to produce effective CBD patches for transdermal use. For this reason there are many bad or ineffective variants on the market. Because cannabinoids such as CBD are fatty molecules that have difficulty travelling through the skin in their normal form. To produce truly functional topical CBD patches, we have used a special formula.

In our formula, the active ingredient (CBD) is embedded in various layers of a skin-friendly glue. Once applied, these layers melt one by one when they reach body temperature. The colored grid will fade to show that the patch is actively releasing the CBD into your skin. This is followed by a controlled release of the active ingredient over a period of 12-24 hours. The result is a long-lasting effect, with some users reporting pain relief for up to 36 hours thanks to these patches.

Benefits of CBD patches

CBD Patches offer great benefits compared to other forms of cannabinoid consumption. One of them is the fact that you can stop counting drops. Another is that CBD Patches make it easier to target certain painful spots, as you can place the transdermal CBD patch right on that painful shoulder, hip, back or knee. Or just place it on the top of your arm if you’re looking for more general relief.

The controlled administration of CBD offered by the topical patches guarantees long-lasting relief for at least 12 to 36 hours, according to our customers’ feedback, thus contributing to the relief of (chronic) pain or injuries, improving sleep and increasing their general well-being. This is proven by our amazing customer reviews of our regular CBD 450mg (30x15mg) CBD patches.

Variations in CBD stickers

In addition to the regular CBD Patches from Dutch Natural Healing that have 30 patches with 15mg of high quality CBD- there are two more versions available in our online store. This is because while the originals are often perfectly suitable for mild aches and pains, some customers with more severe problems were using two patches at a time to give them relief. That’s why we went on to produce Extra Strong CBD Patches (900mg), with 30 pieces of 30mg each. Slightly larger in size and twice the power for an even longer lasting and stronger effect.

Finally, we discovered that our CBD Patches are often used by people with insomnia to help them have a better night sleep. That’s why the Dutch Natural Healing team found a way to add the calming, relaxing scent of lavender to our pads. Now for those who have trouble sleeping, we have the CBD Patches Sleep (450mg) which contain 30x15mg of CBD, discreetly infused with lavender essential oil.


Source: dutchnaturalhealing.com

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