CBD relieves the symptoms of ALS

CBD relieves the symptoms of ALS

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, more commonly known as ALS or motor neuron disease, is a neurodegenerative disease that causes the depletion of motor neurons in the body, i.e. The neurons responsible for muscle movement.
Although the average life expectancy is about 2-5 years after initial diagnosis, (this is not the case for everyone, for example Steven Hawkins!),
Several studies have shown that CBD can help alleviate some symptoms of ALS.

Many people around the world did not know what ALS was until 2015.
In mid-2014 he had launched a Facebook campaign called the “ice bucket challenge” to raise awareness about the disease.
People around the world, including celebrities, have had buckets of ice water thrown over them to symbolize the sensation of the nerve endings that ALS sufferers must endure on a daily basis.
The campaign quickly went viral and was one of the most successful in Facebook’s history, raising over $100 million and leading to the discovery of some groundbreaking research.

The symptoms of ALS

The main symptoms of ALS include:

Progressive muscle weakness
Bad speech
Abnormal fatigue of the arms and legs
Muscle cramps and contractions
Uncontrolled periods of laughing or crying
CBD or cannabidiol is known to ease severe pain and may bring some relief to ALS symptoms:

Analgesic properties: ALS is a painful disease, so CBD is used to ease the pain.
Muscle Relaxation:ALS causes muscle impingement, CBD helps to relax the body and relieve some tension.
Bronchodilation: CBD opens the airways making it easier for the sufferer to breathe.
Reduction of saliva: As the disease develops it becomes increasingly difficult for the sufferer to swallow causing an increase in saliva to develop in the mouth, consuming CBD causes the saliva glands to stop producing so much saliva.
Appetite stimulation: CBD can cause the user to feel hungry after consumption.
Inducing sleep: CBD can make the user feel sleepy, which is good for people who suffer from pain and have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.

A study conducted at the Complutense University in Madrid showed the effects of CBD on mice with ALS. Mice were given small doses of CBD and the results were monitored for a short period of time. They found that due to CBD the progression of the disease actually slowed down, extending the life expectancy of the mice by an average of 6 days. This time frame translated into three years for people.

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