Fight sleep disorders with CBD

Fight sleep disorders with CBD

According to the latest research, almost a third of the population suffers from sleep disorders. In the short term, this is not a problem that needs to be addressed. However, if the insomnia lasts too long, you may start to experience a lot of unwanted side effects.

Do you suffer from a sleep disorder?
Healthy sleep is important not only for our mental health but also for our overall vitality. Sleep affects the mental and physical state, strengthens our immune system, mental balance and contributes to the better functioning of organs and metabolic processes.

If we suffer from sleep disturbances, whether it is either due to stress or is a symptom of illness – our body works at the expense of its reserves. This weakens our body’s immunity and defence mechanisms and we are more susceptible to various diseases.

CBD vs sleeping pills
To wake up in the morning refreshed, energetic and happy for many people is simply utopia.
Younger generations perceive insufficient sleep as part of their lifestyle.

With age, however, insufficient and disturbed sleep is a big problem, and many people reach for pills that can have many side effects (daytime drowsiness, fatigue, impaired concentration). There is also a risk that some sleeping pills are addictive and are therefore prescribed by doctors only for a short period of time.

CBD products are natural products, and to date no scientific research has reported on any possible side effects.

The CBD content binds to the endocannabinoid receptors in our body and affects the quality of our sleep. Recent studies also show that the cannabinoids contained in cannabis also help to reduce pain.

Sleep disturbances are a concomitant symptom described by all people suffering from chronic pain and so it is recommended to consider the use of CBD. CBD is also considered an effective medicine for people suffering from anxiety. CBD directly affects the sleep cycle and supports the REM (deep sleep) phase.

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