Hemp and COVID-19

With the new year several countries are already lifting Covid- 19 restrictions, we would like to inform you that a study from the University of Oregon has shown that our products help protect against Covid- 19 contamination, as well as prevent it. The study cites CBGa and CBDa, among others, as substances from cannabis that prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) from entering healthy cells. This is something we have long suspected due to our interactions with many of our consumers, however, when confirmed by cannabis experts, things are even better. The link to this survey can be found here.

To mark the occasion, we have temporarily reduced the price of these products. You can find CBDa here and CBGa here.

So far, 2022 doesn’t look so bad. We may end the pandemic this year. Stay positive and healthy and don’t hesitate to contact us when you need help.

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