The 6 most important preventative benefits of CBD oil

We know that most consumers use CBD oil to treat certain symptoms or ailments they may be experiencing.
Although what many may not know is that cannabidiol (CBD) is also an excellent preventative tool. Using cannabinoid as a supplement on a daily basis can even prevent a variety of serious health problems.
These are the 6 most important preventative benefits of using CBD oil – helping you before you know you need it:

CBD oil as a preventive supplement
CBD oil is known to be the “people’s medicine”, a dietary supplement that appears to help people soothe a variety of symptoms and discomforts. This can range from chronic pain to mental problems. What many people don’t necessarily know is that cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) can be very useful for preventing certain ailments or diseases as well. Thanks to its unique interaction with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), hemp oil with CBD could potentially help prevent some serious health problems.

CBD against inflammation
One of the most researched effects of CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties. With some research concluding that cannabidiol is a more potent anti-inflammatory substance compared to regular anti-inflammatory drugs. A very important finding overall, given that inflammation is at the basis of a wide variety of serious diseases. Although we’re not talking about external inflammation, but inside the body. As these are often at the root of the development of serious diseases and discomforts.

Especially when the condition becomes chronic, the inflammation can cause rheumatic problems, chronic pain and other, much more serious diseases. Luckily, CBD oil could possibly help in reducing inflammation in the body. enhancing the anti-inflammatory abilities of the ECS. This can help systematically reduce the risk of new inflammation in the body and keep your body healthy.

Healthy brain with hemp oil
Apart from cannabidiol, the researchers found that all cannabinoids work as neuroprotectants. Essentially this means that they help to protect, maintain and regulate all kinds of nerves in the body. Including the brain, where cannabinoids like CBD seem to improve blood flow, help eliminate dead cells – and generally improve communication between our brain receptors.

Obviously we wouldn’t write it if it wasn’t proven by scientific research. As this report shows, even low doses of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC can stimulate the production of new nerve cells. Particularly good in aging brains, we might add. Consequently, cannabis oil with cannabidiol is being investigated by scientists as a preventive measure against Alzheimer’s and other nerve-related diseases.

CBD for bone protection
Another way in which cannabinoids from industrial hemp could help prevent health problems is by supporting our bone metabolism. This is a process in which your old bone material is replaced by new cells. Typically, this procedure replaces about 10 percent of your bones annually. Although, as we grow older, the speed of this process decreases more and more. However, CBD seems to be very useful to support this process and keep our bones healthy.

As we have described in our blog CBD and sports: how hemp oil helps fitness and recovery: “As shown in a study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral research, CBD – when used correctly – can speed up the repair of bone fractures and make them heal faster. In addition, the research showed that the treated parts were less likely to break again thanks to the cannabinoid treatment.

One of the reasons explaining this phenomenon is that cannabidiol inhibits the G protein-coupled receptor 55. Because overstimulation of this receptor can cause weaker bones and even accelerate the development of osteoporosis. Although CBD is known to prevent this from happening and increases bone density.”

CBD for skin protection and care
While many may be aware of the benefits of CBD for humans, many may not know that our skin is loaded with CB-receptors from the ECS. As you might expect, this also means that your skin health could benefit greatly from the cannabinoids in industrial hemp. For example, the antioxidant properties of CBD could protect our skin from external threats such as UV radiation and toxins from polluted air.

In addition, science has proven that CBD cosmetics such as CBD cream and CBD gels can help regulate sebum production.
This is the fatty secretion that comes from the skin and one of the main causes of acne. Therefore, cannabidiol has been proven to be an extremely effective treatment for skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, to name a few. Although there is also evidence to suggest that cosmetics with CBD can help slow down skin aging.

Diabetes prevention with CBD
The next preventative property that CBD presents in scientific research focuses on one of the world’s leading health problems: diabetes. A study in lab rats in 2016 showed that cannabidiol could reduce the chance of developing type 2 diabetes. While another study showed the benefits of CBD in the body as it can convert white fat into brown fat, which contributes to healthy insulin production.

CBD reduces the risk of heart or vascular problems
CBD oil is known to be an effective vasodilator. This means that in many cases it eliminates the need for blood thinners. As it naturally reduces hypertension. Apparently, the effects of CBD for stress relief also play a role in maintaining heart health. as this can cause an increase in blood pressure. This is also shown in various scientific studies, such as the 2008 study.

More importantly, a 2010 review shows us that CBD could have other benefits such as protecting stroke patients from brain damage and aiding recovery by enhancing brain function. This is supported by a 2017 study showing that CBD increases cerebral blood flow during a stroke.

Considering that there are so many possible preventative effects of cannabidiol, there is always one that you could benefit from.


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