8000Kicks Hemp Accessories & Technology Case – Black




8000Kicks Hemp Accessories & Technology Case – Black

Both an indispensable and technological bag at the same time. It has 5 pockets inside and a central zipper to store all your small items. It is made from the same waterproof hemp and also includes a waterproof zipper.

💦 Waterproof (without PFC)
🌱 Durable hemp fabric
🍁 100% hemp
🔌 Adjustable

Compact and functional

Our Accessory & Technology Case fits in the palm of your hand.
Not too big and not too small, the perfect size for all your essentials within reach of a zipper.

It stands alone!

You can simply drop it on the surface of your table and it will stand on its own.
The triangular shape is made in such a way that it holds vertically to facilitate access to the interior.

A lot of space inside

Your chargers, your power bank, your external drive are organised in the side pockets.
Your SD cards, plugs and adapters are stored in the central zipper.

Waterproof and dust resistant
Our hemp fabric is made to repel liquids from entering. Our special coating protects the fabric from stains, liquids and dust particles. This will make the fabric very easy to clean as well.

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