‘BL’ Aluminium Grinder 4-part anodised Violet


Material: Aluminium
Color: Violet
Print: BL logo
Setting: 4 parts
Diameter: 50/47mm
Height: 35 mm
System: Diamond-shaped teeth
Information: Available in a gift box



This ‘BL’ Aluminium Grinder 4-part anodised Violet with and with screen is CNC machined and is made from anodised aluminium with diamond shaped teeth. It comes with a magnet to keep the lid secure and a nylon friction ring to ensure friction-free grinding.

The anodising process changes the metallic surface of the aluminium into a robust protective coating whereby the natural coating thickens up to 0.03 mm. The surface is about 8 times harder than raw aluminium, protects against mechanical effects and is resistant to weathering and corrosion


Black Leaf

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