Blue Dream Auto (Fast Buds)

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  • Excellent production. Estimated production yield up to 600gr/m2 from trichome-rich flowers (buds).
  • A huge Sativa sapling. With a Sativa dominance of 75%, these cannabis seedlings reach 110cm in height with a very high main stem and branches.
  • Perfect for commercial growers. Strong effect and great production of fantastic resin.
  • Beautiful appearance. The flowers take on seductive green and purple hues and have thick orange bracts.
  • Guess the terpenes! Delicious tropical terpenes with floral notes that change slightly with each puff


Blue Dream Auto autoflowering cannabis seedlings stand out with their strong Sativa effect. They grow quickly and have a high estimated production yield with huge flowers (buds). The flowers are rich terpenes with fruity and floral flavors where citrus, pine, orange, and berries stand out. Blue Dream Auto cannabis seedlings are ready for harvest in about 9-11 weeks and produce flowers with a high THC content of up to 22%. Thanks to their high productivity, these cannabis seedlings are an ideal choice for commercial professional cannabis growers looking for strains with a strong impact and high productivity. It is worth noting that these cannabis seedlings produce a large number of high quality candied leaves, so it is good to have the trimming nets ready. In conclusion, it is a very aromatic cannabis strain that is also suitable for novice amateur cannabis growers who wish to try a Sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid.

Flower description

These autoflowering cannabis seedlings produce thick and elongated flowers (buds). The calyxes contribute to the pointed shape of the flowers, which are filled with trichomes. If you observe them up close, the flowers combine green and purple, while the pistils are orange. The flowers give off very sweet aromas and have a delicious taste.

Effects of smoking

Thanks to the high THC content of 22%, the effect of this cannabis strain is powerful, uplifting, and can fill you with energy. The physical effect is small, yet it complements the cerebral euphoria fantastically. Great hemp weed to start your day, for social gatherings with your friends, for hiking in nature, for hanging out at the beach, etc. Due to the fact that the influence of the flowers strengthens the inner creativity, it is suitable for musicians and artists.

Appearance of plant Blue Dream Auto

With almost 75% Sativa dominance, these autoflowering cannabis seedlings grow quickly and produce a large number of lateral branches. The leaves are thin and long. These cannabis seedlings become bushy very quickly. The branches become quite thin, typical of Sativa cannabis seedlings, and when the flowering period arrives, the seedlings can reach 110 cm in height.

In general, it is a very productive autoflowering hybrid with an estimated yield of 450-600gr/m2, making it an ideal choice for commercial professional cannabis growers. Once the Blue Dream Auto cannabis seedlings are ready to be harvested, their tassels will be glittered with resin, which resin will “flood” the entire plant.

Key Cherry, Berry, Lemon, Pine
THC Up to 22%
CBD < 1%
Harvest EU Indoor 450 – 600 gr/m2
Harvest US Indoor 1.5 – 2 oz/ft2
Harvest EU Outdoor 60 – 250 gr/plant
Harvest US Outdoor 3 – 9 oz/plant
Size XL
Height 70 – 110 cm
Height US 28 – 43 inches
Flowering 9 – 11 weeks
Room Indoor/Outdoor
Gender Feminized
Genes Sativa 75%/Indica 25%
Genetics Blue Dream Car
Autoflowering Yes
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