Bruce Banner Car (Fast Buds)

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  • He heads off with tremendous momentum! With a massive 25% THC content, it’s a strain that hits hard, even for the most experienced consumers.
  • A real monster in size! A huge auto hemp seedling that can reach even 150cm with an equally high production yield.
  • Perfect for hash producers. It produces impressive amounts of resin, a fantastic choice for commercial exporters and hash producers.
  • Excellent for relaxation. It releases 100% of daily stress, even on the most demanding and difficult days


Bruce Banner Auto is a prolific strain with an estimated yield of up to 600gr/m2 and a strong production of trichomes that “flood” the flowers. It’s a beautiful hybrid with light Sativa dominance and an impressive 25% THC that will give you uplifting, calm and stress-free vibes for hours. It is a tall variety. These cannabis seedlings reach a height of 110-150 cm with 10-11 weeks from sowing to harvest. It develops multiple flowering points with many light green flowers. It stands out with its rich blend of terpenes with sweet notes and a flavorful background reminiscent of berries and diesel. Perfect choice for exports and extractions, it leaves a delicious taste in the mouth.

Flower description

You can expect many stacks of light green flowers (buds) and massive calyxes with dark brown hairs everywhere and a few lime-coloured leaves coming out of them. This cannabis strain stands out thanks to its impressive levels of resin production that creates such a thick layer that the flowers (buds) look as if they are completely white.

It is an amazing strain of cannabis that will fascinate those seeking exceptional aromas, as it releases soft yet penetrating aromas reminiscent of fresh forest berries mixed with diesel terpenes and a hint of sweetness that will pleasantly surprise even the most experienced terpene hunters.

Effects of smoking

The perfect influence for those who wish to stop over-analyzing even the simplest problems or who are unable to concentrate or to get through what they need to do or who suffer from stress in general. After the first inhalation, you will immediately feel a much happier state of mind, even if you already feel joy, while you will be overcome by a soothing feeling of relaxation that will last for hours, while your creativity levels will be stimulated. Ideal for combating stress, aches and pains, negativity, and the procrastination that can come from all of these.

Plant appearance

Bruce Banner Auto grows on a tall and bushy cannabis seedling, with thin and relatively large palmate leaves that literally spring up from everywhere. The main trunk with the tassels (cola) can reach a height of up to 150cm with many side branches.

Thanks to careful selection and breeding, this variety brings out the best qualities of both worlds. It is generally a tall cannabis variety with long and homogeneous lateral branches that literally “load” with flowers (buds) during the harvest period. This particular cannabis seedling has a compact structure making it possible for anyone to grow it, despite its great height.

Taste Berry, Sweet, Diesel
THC Up to 25%
CBD < 1%
Harvest EU Interior. Site 450 – 600 gr/m2
Harvest US Interior. Site 1.5 – 2 oz/ft2
Harvest EU Outdoor 50 – 200 gr/plant
Harvest US Outdoor 2 – 7 oz/plant
Size XXL
Height 110 – 150 cm
Height US 43 – 59 inches
Flowering 10 – 11 weeks
Room Outdoor / Indoor. Site
Sex Females
Genes Sativa 65%/Indica 35%
Genetics Bruce Banner Car
Autoflowering Yes
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