Master Kush Automatic Seeds by White Label

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  • Indica
  • Short flowering period
  • Compact plant
  • Medium yield
  • Cool /cold

data sheet
Sativa / indica Indica
flowering time Short flowering period
Height Compact plant
Yield Medium yield
climate zone Cool /cold

Master Kush Automatic Seeds by White Label (Sensi Seeds)

The autoflowering version of Master Kush is highly resinous, ready to harvest in no time and easy to grow. This strain is absolutely predestined for hashish production, with a smell reminiscent of black hashish (charas) from India.

Master Kush is one of the first cannabis strains created from two Kush strains. “Kush” refers to the Hindu Kush mountains that stretch from Afghanistan, across Pakistan and into India. It is the birthplace of cannabis indica, the branch of the cannabis family known for its fast-flowering, dense flowers and resinous branches. Many Indica varieties flower even in mountainous areas and in extreme weather conditions.

The plants start to flower automatically after five to six weeks. Mature buds are formed with the best indica: they are dense, compact and heavy. They retain their size and weight after drying.

Because it is a female strain that produces only female plants, you do not need to remove male shoots. The total cultivation period is short, averaging three months. Given good soil, and enough light and water, the plants bloom beautifully. White Label’s Master Kush Automatic Seeds allow beginners to grow premium quality cannabis.

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