Ointment with hemp oil & calendula for the skin 100ml


The ointment with hemp and calendula extract is beneficial for skin healing.
100% naturalno petroleum products or palm oil.
Contains CBD.



Ointment with hemp oil and calendula for the skin
The hemp oil ointment is made from a traditional homemade recipe combining hemp and calendula extract.

The ointment also contains a portion of CBD, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and harmonizing effects.
The hemp oil ointment is 100% natural, contains beeswax and lanolin and does not contain petroleum-based products or chemical additives.

– Contains calendula and organic hemp oil
– Shea Butter and natural lanolin
– A traditional recipe

Use of the ointment:
Massage the ointment into the affected skin area.
The ointment with hemp oil and calendula extract, moisturizes and regenerates the skin having anti-inflammatory properties thanks to hemp oil, which provides natural and healthy skin care.



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