Purple Lemonade (Fast Buds)

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purple lemonade
Purple Lemonade results from crossing genetic traits between purple and autoflowering Cali citrus. These characteristics make this hybrid, which tends towards Indica varieties, the most advanced purple “gene” ever. It is quite balanced with a THC content of 22% and offers an incredible feeling of euphoria thanks to the subtle Sativa characteristics that relax the senses. The lemony flavors bring out a beautiful sweetness that makes it an ideal choice for dessert lovers.

Flower description
Purple shades that create a striking colour contrast with the orange hills. The perfect combination of flowers covered in purple crystals with dark green leaves and pink trichomes. All of these are filled with bright orange spikes that stretch out in every direction, making it one of the most compact and intricate purple flowers you’ve ever encountered.

Effects of smoking
Our Purple Lemonade is a hybrid that tends towards Indica like no other. Users will experience an unprecedented uplifting effect, which at best will give you a broad smile. Otherwise, it will lift your mood and give you absolute pleasure. The effect gradually turns into a wave of physical relaxation that does not pin the smoker to the couch or cause drowsiness. With almost 22% THC content, this variety is an ideal choice for daytime smoking or relaxing moments in the evening.

Plant morphology
Growers can expect Purple Lemonade to reach a height of about 70 to 110 cm. It develops many thick flowers around the stem. The colour contrast between the bright green stem and the dark purple flowers is very impressive. It also has dark green and purple leaves around the flowers. It is a variety with perfect intergenital spaces.

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