Royal Cheese Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)

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Royal Cheese Automatic is one of our best selling varieties and is loved by many for its unique aroma and taste. You won’t find this kind of Cheese taste anywhere else, now you can enjoy everything this variety has to offer, but in an easier way of cultivation.



Royal Cheese Automatic – A WONDERFUL SMALL PLANT

Cheese is not only a sought-after variety in many parts of the world, but it also has an enigmatic history. With the huge influence of the rave scene in the UK during the 90s and the existence of a particular variety of the era, it was only a matter of time before this legend was upgraded to an auto-flowering variety.

Royal Cheese Automatic retains the distinctive taste of the original Cheese, only it is faster to grow and less demanding to cultivate. Like the photoperiodic Cheese variety, which is derived from Skunk #1 genetics, this new autoflowering variety carries a very intense aroma and strong flavors of cheese, spices and earthy notes. However, unlike the original variety, Royal Cheese Automatic is ready for harvest in just 11-12 weeks after planting.


This variety will reach a maximum height of 100 cm. Although some more productive plants will reach this size, most will become shorter. If grown by experienced hands, Royal Cheese Auto, will provide a bountiful crop of up to 210 grams per plant in outdoor cultivation and as475g/m² to indoor.

Royal Cheese Automatic is the ideal variety for those looking for the taste and smell of cheese, but want the benefits of easy cultivation that automatic varieties offer. The uplift is powerful and physical, with a joyful and euphoric feeling to complement the experience. This variety is known to stimulate the appetite, making it ideal for symptom relief.

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