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Critical is one of our most famous varieties. It is the winner of many awards in Spain and is a variety that has been loved by growers around the world for its fast growth and large yields. Our Royal Critical Automatic was created to be just like the Critical, but with easier and shorter cultivation.




The Royal Critical Automatic was created to maintain the best features of the Critical photoperiod, but with more ease of cultivation and a much shorter life cycle. Why wait the extra weeks of flowering when you can get to the Critical harvest in much less time?
This feminized autoflowering variety combines the already strong genetics hidden in Critical with the Ruderalis genetics to speed up the process.

With 14% THC content, Royal Critical Automatic is not as strong as the photoperiodic, but some users may like it. This hybrid contains significant Sativa and Indica influences, making it ideal for use either during the day, as the user can remain productive and focused, or at night before bedtime. The effect of this variety is relaxing and euphoric, like the original Critical, but with less potential for physical relaxation.

As its name suggests, Royal Critical Automatic will bloom automatically, regardless of the lighting schedule. This makes it an easy plant to grow, which is a good solution for beginners who want to grow the variety. Critical. Even the most experienced growers will be pleased by the large and dense flowers, which give off intoxicating aromas towards the end of flowering. Sweet, woody and spicy aromas dominate the terpene profile of this variety. In just a few minutes the profile of the tree is characterised by 11 weeks after germination, this Critical variety will be ready for harvest.


Η Royal Critical Automatic will reach the height of 55-65 εκατοasts. Although it is small and bushy, it has an open structure which allows better light penetration to all areas of the plant. This translates into a bigger and better crop. With a yield of around 165 grams per plant of lovely, sweet as Skunk blossoms, adds yet another reason to put the Royal Critical Automatic in your next crop.

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