Sour Jealousy Auto (Fast Buds)

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  • Up to 29% THC. Revolutionary activity, maximum termites.
  • A monstrous native plant! It reaches up to 150 cm.
  • Spicy sour terpenes. The perfect combination of sour taste with a hint of black truffle.
  • Wake and Bake. A refreshing Sativa effect that keeps you energized all day long.
  • Oversized odds. Up to 600 gr/m2!


Sour Jealousy Auto Fast Buds

The hybrid cannabis strain Sour Jealousy Auto stands tall as a giant Autoflower, as the hybrid cannabis seedlings it grows can reach a height of up to 150 cm and yields a generous 600 gr/m2. With a stunning 29% THC content, it is an essential choice for those looking for the most robust and powerful Autoflowers with Sativa dominance. This revolutionary hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain has the remarkable ability to invigorate the mind, spark creativity and infuse the entire body with a wave of positivity, leaving a lingering sense of optimism. The euphoric effects of this Autoflower hybrid cannabis strain are complemented by subtle but distinct earthy and floral terpenes, accompanied by the unmistakable sour aroma that excites the palate and is topped by a “whispery hint” of black truffle.

This variety features dark green popcorn-shaped buds with vibrant dark orange hairs that create a visually appealing contrast. Boasting an impressive 29% THC, the hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain Sour Jealousy Auto develops a dense, creamy resin layer while combining powerful effects with an exquisite flavor profile. Its delightful spicy aroma is perfectly combined with spicy lemon notes, with a refreshing aroma of lemon juice and diesel fuel.

It offers extremely powerful and invigorating effects, starting with a pleasant brainwave that induces euphoria and strengthens thoughts, while maintaining high levels of engagement and concentration.

Sour Jealousy Auto promises a blend of sour and fuel type terpenes, with a floral and earthy background complemented by notes of black truffle, adding more depth to the terpene profile that “floods” the mouth. On inhalation, you can expect a spicy, sour taste with a touch of diesel fuel. On the exhale, the flavors open up, revealing more earthy and floral flavors that accentuate the wonderfully tart, almost acrid terpene profile.


  • Genetics: Sour Jealousy Auto
  • Species: 75% Sativa – 25% Indica
  • Type of plant: Automatic flowering
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
  • THC %: 29%
  • CBD%: –
  • Internal performance: 500 – 600 gr/m2
  • Yield outside: 60 – 300 g/plant
  • Height: up to 1,5m
  • Taste: diesel, Flowers, Earthy, Earthy, Dry
  • Action: cerebral, concentration, creative, for the whole day
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